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Unique and Fun Gift Packaging
DIY Gift Package : Product Review

DIY Gift Package Review

By Chris Dunmire

Cappuccino Cup Model
"UNIQUE Gift Wrapping Craft Templates Over 35 different 3D models! Create precious memories with innovative and unique Gift and Craft Templates for any occasion! Fun and versatile fun-shape box templates for any size package and for all ages."

Designed by Janlia Chong, DIY Gift Package, is a fun alternative to traditional gift packaging. This unique product comes with an assortment of packaging templates that you simply print on your inkjet or laser printer, cut out, and assemble into a unique and fun gift package. It's that easy!

I enjoy making my own homemade gifts and cards, so I decided to try Janlia's gift packaging templates for my own gift giving. The creative idea was desirable and the templates came in a variety of "difficulty" levels, so that even the most inexperienced paper crafter (me!) could ease into the fun.

Easy Downloading

  1. I went to and downloaded the bundle of templates that came in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. (Note: The product can be purchased as an immediate download from the site, on a CD, or as a book.)

    With my download of about 35 model templates, also received several bonus add-ons including extra templates, A4 sized templates (for an 8.5" x 11" page) clipart, and two e-booklets: Top Secret Ideas and the Tips, and Top Secret Templates Guide.

  2. After downloading the product bundle, I chose six different package templates I wanted to put together: the Super Star, Tree, Angel, Handbag/Purse, Car, and Fish. I quickly located each one on the menu in the easy-to-navigate PDF template book and printed them out on my inkjet printer.

    First Timer's Tip: The templates I chose were of the multi-paged design that need to be pieced together before constructing into a sizable gift package. I suggest that you print and assemble the A4 size (one page) template first to get a good grasp on the folding and construction before advancing to a larger model on your special material.

  3. Following the simple assembly instructions included with the templates, I cut each template out, pieced them together, and assembled my gift packaging on colored poster board using the following tools:

    • Scissors
    • X-acto (craft) knife
    • Cutting mat
    • Regular and double-sided tape (I also had glue on hand, but didn't use it.)

  4. The bonus clipart that comes with the product can also be used in conjunction with the templates as decorative elements, or you can use decorated paper or decorate your packaging in other ways too.

How Did I Do?

These are the six multi-paged templates I put together. It's good to remember that the templates are much easier to put together after the first time, especially after you perfect your own technique and are familiar with the folds and construction. Again, I used plain colored posterboard to illustrate the basic form of the models. You can use any kind of decorative colored paper (textured or pre-designed scrapbooking paper works great for this project).

Super Star! Model

Super Star!
(Level 1)

I first chose the Super Star template because it looked like the easiest model to fold. It was a simple design that was rated at a level 1 (easiest) and had minimal straight-edge cuts.

The Super Star took less than 30 minutes to put together from start to finish. I tied curling ribbon into the punched holes as a finishing touch (which also holds the package together). The finished form was great for small gifts like perfume, candy, and jewelry.

Christmas Tree Model

Christmas (Pine) Tree
(Level 1)

The second template I chose was also level 1, but had a lot more precision cutting and folding to do than the Super Star.

The finished form was nice and solid, great for holding heavier items in a totally enclosed container. I added curling ribbon for a final touch, and could have easily spent more time on other decorations.

Handbag Purse Model

(Level 2)

Great for girls and for tucking small books, CD's, DVD's, cosmetics, and the like inside! The top flap encloses the handbag and can be secured with tape, string, or ribbon.

Angel Model

(Level 2.5)

The third template I chose was a higher level of difficulty and took about an hour to complete. And it was twice as large as the first two models.

The finished form came out exceptionally well. Not only could it hold larger items than the previous two, it would also make a lovely table decoration or angel sculpture to decorate.

Fish Model

Big Fish
(Level 2.5)

The fish assembled into a top half and bottom half. Its roomy bowl shaped inside could hold clothing, soaps, lotions, and other items needing space.

Sports Car Model

Sports Car
(Level 2.5)

The car was exciting to assemble, and will most definitely appeal to boys and car enthusiasts! The pop-out wheel concept allowed the car to stand freely on all four wheels.

A Creative & Fun Product

I recommend DIY Gift Package & Paper Crafts for those who enjoy putting extra effort and thought into their gift giving. You get a lot of ideas, tips, and templates for your money, and you'll save money in the long run too. The templates can be resized and used over and over!

Not only will your gift packaging be unique to your recipient, but the time you put into making it will help you reflect on the real reason for "gifting" and help you to appreciate 'the thought that counts.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

The following are some helpful tips I've compiled while assembling these models that will help you:

  • DIY Gift Package templates have models ranging from simple to complex. If you are a beginner, start with the simpler models before trying the more advanced ones.
  • DIY Gift Package templates can be printed at any size, for any size package. For best results, fold a "practice" model on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of plain paper before sizing up to a larger scale. This will help you work through the unfamiliar folding patterns before you create your final design on special paper.
  • Print templates directly on the "white side" of patterned or textured paper (scrapbooking and crafting stores carry a wide variety of these), to create eye-catching gift packages.
  • Use sharp scissors or a craft knife (x-acto) to cut out the template models with clean, defined edges.
  • Use regular and double-sided tape as adhesive to assemble models.
  • After your gift package is complete, insert your gift into the package and surround it with plenty of tissue (or other) paper to "fill out" the gift packaging.
  • The finished models can also be used for general paper crafts and table decorations too!

© 2004, 2007 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.