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Let the Wire Inspire by Angela Hook
Authors : Angela Hook

Spotlight on Angela Hook

Wire Inspire: Release Your Creative Energy!

Angela HookAngela Hook graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta in 1998. There, she was exposed to many forms of art and types of media.

In 2002 she began exploring the possibilities of wire as an artistic medium. With relatively few resources available on the subject, she set out to explore and popularize this beautiful art form, as well as develop her own technical expertise in a craft that seemed to have been forgotten.

Growing up with horses made them a regular subject in Angela's art throughout the years, from doodles in sketchbooks to a life-size paper mache colt constructed of wrapping paper tubes and chicken wire. It was only natural that her first wire sculpture should be a horse.

Angela is available to teach workshops or do speaking engagements on wire art. Please contact her directly through the Web site to discuss how you could use this medium as a tool to be more creative in your work or play!

Let the Wire Inspire Features

Let the Wire Inspire Book Review
By Chris Dunmire
A review of Angela Hook's book Let the Wire Inspire: Release Your Creative Energy (Aurora Publishing, 2004).

Interview with Angela Hook
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Read Angela's creativity-inspiring responses and learn more about her life as an artist, art director, and equestrienne in this exclusive Creative Careers in the Arts feature.

Articles by Angela Hook

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By Angela Hook
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Wire Art — A Whole New Language
By Angela Hook
Excerpt from the book Let the Wire Inspire — Release Your Creative Energy: chapter 2: The Language of Wire.