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Standing at Water's Edge by Anne Paris, PhD
Authors : Anne Paris, PhD

Spotlight on Anne Paris, PhD

Author of 'Standing at Water's Edge'

Dr. Anne Paris is a clinical psychologist who has helped artists along in their creative processes for over 20 years. Her approach, which is based on cutting-edge psychological understandings and research, appreciates the inner world of the artist in a new way and points to the importance of connections with others throughout the creative process. Through this revolutionary approach, she has helped famous, professional, and hobby artists start and sustain their creative process so they could complete a work of art. She is the author of Standing at Water's Edge: Moving Past Fears, Blocks, and Pitfalls to Discover the Power of Creative Immersion. You can visit her online at

Anne Paris Book Excerpt & Interview

Standing at Water's Edge Excerpt: The Need for Others
What kinds of relationships do you need to sustain your creativity? And how do you develop these kinds of relationships? Excerpted from chapter 3 of Anne Paris' book Standing at Water's Edge.

Interview with Anne Paris, PhD, Author of Standing at Water's Edge
Anne Paris discusses her book, Standing at Water's Edge and what she hopes creative readers will glean from it.