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The Write-Brain Workbook : 'Comfort Foods' Creative Writing Exercise

The Write-Brain Workbook 20 Day Challenge | Day 12

‘Comfort Foods’ Creative Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer | Free PDF Download | Updated 11/1/15

No need to feel uncomfortable if you池e not a good speller — this exercise will comfort you with some unforgettable spelling tips!

‘Comfort Foods’ Writing Instructions

Comfort Foods1. Download and print the free Comfort Foods creative writing exercise page.

2. ice cream
macaroni and cheese
mashed potatoes
Cream of Wheat
chicken noodle soup

Use all of these foods in a piece that begins: He always looked uncomfortable...

This tasty 'Comfort Foods' creative writing exercise is set out on the table for your enjoyment and published with permission as one of 400 activities from Bonnie Neubauer's revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook.

Take the Next Step

No need to feel uncomfortable if you’re not a good speller. To learn that alright and alot are not words, remember: It’s all right to use your dictionary (or spellchecker) a lot. For easy referral, list correct versions of some of your spelling challenges on a sheet in your writing area.

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Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the inventor of the Story Spinner and author of the revised and expanded deluxe edition of The Write-Brain Workbook. More »
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