The Write-Brain Workbook
The Write-Brain Workbook : 'Take a Letter' Creative Writing Exercise

The Write-Brain Workbook 20 Day Challenge | Day 18

‘Take a Letter’ Creative Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer | Free PDF Download | 11/1/15

‘Take a Letter’ Writing Instructions

Take a Letter1. Download and print the free Take a Letter creative writing exercise page.

2. Whenever you get to one of the letters scattered on the page, use it in a word. It can be the first letter, a middle letter, or the last letter of the word. Try basing your story on something autobiographical, but feel free to embellish to your heart’s content.

Start with: About the same time every year ...

This 'Take a Letter' creative writing exercise is published with permission and is just one of 400 activities from Bonnie Neubauer's revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook.

Take the Next Step

Are your computer files, handwritten drafts, and hard copies scattered all over your home or office like the letters on this page? Or are they all typed, input, filed, and cataloged? What one thing can you do today to externally show a commitment to your writing? Do it. Then notice how it’s reflected in your writing.

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Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the inventor of the Story Spinner and author of the revised and expanded deluxe edition of The Write-Brain Workbook. More »
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