The Write-Brain Workbook
The Write-Brain Workbook : 'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction' Creative Writing Exercise

The Write-Brain Workbook 20 Day Challenge | Day 20

‘Truth is Stranger Than Fiction’ Creative Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer | Free PDF Download | 11/1/15

‘Truth is Stranger Than Fiction’ Writing Instructions

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction1. Download and print the free Truth is Stranger Than Fiction creative writing exercise page.

2. Write an autobiography of a phase of your life. Make sure everything is true except one detail, which is 100 percent made up. Read it to your friends, and see if they can pick out the lie! Start with: When I was ...

This 'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction' creative writing exercise mostly true and published with permission as one of 400 activities from Bonnie Neubauer's revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook.

Take the Next Step

Write down two lies you tell yourself about not being good enough.



Now take a thick black marker and cross out the lies until they are no longer part of your internal repertoire. Feel better?

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Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the inventor of the Story Spinner and author of the revised and expanded deluxe edition of The Write-Brain Workbook. More »
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