The Write-Brain Workbook
The Write-Brain Workbook : 'One Sill a Bull' Creative Writing Exercise

The Write-Brain Workbook 20 Day Challenge | Day 3

‘One Sill a Bull’ Creative Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer | Free PDF Download | Updated 11/1/15

Bonnie Neubauer's wild 'One Sill a Bull' (one syllable) writing exercise will kick-start your creative 'riding' by lassoing in on one-syllable words. See how long it takes you to corral your creative ideas!

'One Sill a Bull' Writing Instructions

One Sill a Bull1. Download and print the free One Sill a Bull creative writing exercise page.

2. This is a fave of mine 'cause it makes you dig for words. Each word in this piece must be ONE SILL A BULL.

Start with: The bull...

This clever, one-syllable 'One Sill a Bull' creative writing exercise is published with permission and is just one of 400 activities from Bonnie Neubauer's revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook.

Take the Next Step

In terms of creative writing, which step in the process brings out the stubborn bull in you? Getting started? Writing the middle? Finishing? Editing? Sending it into the world? Record ideas to gently treat this phase more like a calm lamb. Try one and see if it helps.

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Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the inventor of the Story Spinner and author of the revised and expanded deluxe edition of The Write-Brain Workbook. More »
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