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The Write-Brain Workbook : 'Tooth Fairy' Creative Writing Exercise

The Write-Brain Workbook 20 Day Challenge | Day 10

‘Tooth Fairy’ Creative Writing Exercise

By Bonnie Neubauer | Free PDF Download | Updated 11/1/15

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? Well, you should. She collects old, fallen-out teeth and leaves money for them! Considering how daunting it is to go to the dentist, you'd think more kids would give the Tooth Fairy a break. Bonnie Neubauer's 'Tooth Fairy' writing exercise lets you play the part of the disgruntled fairy, who renders a very nice out-of-pocket service to the unconscious. When's the last time your dentist paid you for pulling your teeth after a nitrous oxide dream?

'Tooth Fairy' Writing Instructions

Tooth Fairy1. Download and print the free Tooth Fairy creative writing exercise page.

2. You are a disgruntled Tooth Fairy. You can't understand why Santa and even the Easter Bunny get more attention than you. You just visited twins who expected $20 per tooth.

Start with: I cant' believe . . .

You don't have to be missing any teeth to enjoy this 'Tooth Fairy' creative writing exercise, which is published with permission and just one of 400 activities from Bonnie Neubauer's revised and expanded Write Brain Workbook.

Take the Next Step

Characters often live beyond one piece of writing. Write something that will happen in the future to one of the characters in this story as a result of this writing.

Do this with a character that has stuck with you from another writing.

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Bonnie NeubauerBonnie Neubauer is the inventor of the Story Spinner and author of the revised and expanded deluxe edition of The Write-Brain Workbook. More »
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