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Team Creativity At Work I and II: Creative Problem Solving At Its Best
Edward Glassman : Article Archives Page 3

Edward Glassman

Article Archives

Everyday Creativity & Card Magic
By Edward Glassman, PhD
There I was, writing about the secret behind a fine trick, and it finally struck me as immensely creative.

Brainstorming Isn't Creative Enough Anymore
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Using old fashioned ways of waiting for ideas results in a low probability of success when seeking the highest quality solution. So move into the 'Age Of Modern Creative Thinking Techniques.'

Creativity & Innovation Depends On Your Leadership Interactions With Your Team
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Creativity & innovation depend on your leadership styles, your roles and behaviors with your subordinates. Four useful styles exist, each with effective behaviors.

How Self-Direction & Self-Motivation Helps Innovation & Team Creativity
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Leaders do not always know how to boost creative effort in their team. These suggestions can help.

How to Constructively Evaluate and Analyze a Creative Idea...
By Edward Glassman, PhD
and Just About Anything Else (Like-Improve Analysis).

Beef Up Creativity in Regular Meetings (Turn Them Upside Down)
By Edward Glassman, PhD
How to use advanced creativity techniques during regular meetings of your team. Includes list of creative spoilers and how to increase creative thinking during meetings.

Assess Your Creativity Habits
By Edward Glassman, PhD
On a scale of 1 to 5, identify the factors that hinder your creativity at work.

How to Use Linear & Non-Linear Bizarre Ideas to Produce a Useful, Unexpected Innovation
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Creativity at work is a process of combining old information and old ideas into New & Useful ideas.

Identifying New Products in a Creativity & Innovation Meeting
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Creativity & Innovation Meetings can solve important company problems and, at the same time, teach advanced creativity procedures.

Habits Managers Need To Change To Help Creativity
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Many managers are unaware that their own habits, often productive, can lower creativity at work.

Creativity As A Learnable Skill
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Many people mistakenly think that they lack the ability to be creative.

Can Government Be Truly Creative & Innovative?
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Of course, you say. We just have to get government officials to attend a creativity & innovative meeting where...

Some Favorite Idea Generating Brainwriting Procedures
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Favorite procedures that enhance people's creativity: dream interruption, clustering brainwriting, and brainwriting circles.

Nurture The Creative Flame at Work
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Research has shown that people turn out work that is more creative & innovative if they are internally motivated.

Helping Your Team's Creativity at Work
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Helping your team's creativity at work — research to stimulate more interaction, idea sharing, and on-the-job creativity.