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Create Innovative Wire Sculpture Tutorials by Elizabeth Berrien
Authors : Elizabeth Berrien

World Class Wire Sculpture by Artist Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth BerrienElizabeth Berrien, one of the world's foremost contemporary wire sculptors, learned the process of innovation in 1968 from the late Kenneth G. Curran. In 2004 she founded the worldwide guild, Wire Sculpture International. She is a recipient of the prestigious Victor Jacoby Award, a $3,500 fellowship for innovation in art. Berrien teaches wire sculpture workshops to K-12 school children, college students and art educators throughout the US. Art educators around the world teach their students to study the works of Elizabeth Berrien alongside those of Alexander Calder. For more information visit her Web site at

Wire Art Articles & Projects by Elizabeth Berrien

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Teaching Wire Sculpture to Grades 2 to 12
By Elizabeth Berrien
If you're a teacher looking to tap into the endless creative opportunities of wire sculpture with your students, this lesson plan will get you started.