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Naomi Rose : Article Archives

Naomi Rose's Article Archives

When Books Are Less Than Life (And Yet Writing a Book Enhances Your Life)
By Naomi Rose
Here is something you might not expect me to include in an article about writing books from the deeper Self: words about how reading books are not really "it."

"We Build the Road as We Travel"
By Naomi Rose
The creative, evolutionary need for book writers to tolerate (even accept) the process of rough drafts and revisions.

Beyond Expertise: When Writing from Your Life Is the Gift of Gifts
By Naomi Rose
You cannot absent yourself from your writing and expect someone else to enter into it.

Not-Knowing: A Sometimes Unnerving but Utterly Reliable Guide
By Naomi Rose
In writing a book and other things, too.

Writing a New Chapter in the Book of Your Life
By Naomi Rose
Seeing ourselves deeply in writing, and in reading.

Is It Commerce, or Is It Art?
By Naomi Rose
On commercial product orientation vs. tuning in to the life within you seeking to be known.

The Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat: Coming into the Wealth of Inner Being
By Naomi Rose
A retreat is a precious thing: a time to really listen inside.

Writing a Book as a Quest
By Naomi Rose
Being an expert is really big in the book field, these days. You don't even have to be a writer to be an author who is an expert in something.

Refining and Being Refined
By Naomi Rose
On artistic developing — and being developed.

You are the Treasure Embedded in Your Book
By Naomi Rose
Despite your inner critic and external standards, realize that YOU are the jewel embedded in the writing.

Your Book Can Heal the World: Looking in the Mirror of Our True Nature
By Naomi Rose
Have you ever read a book that touched you so deeply — in your heart, in your soul, in your mind — that it actually moved you closer to your deep Self?

Inspired Writing: Where Spirit and Matter Hold Out Their Arms Towards Each Other
By Naomi Rose
If you have truly experienced inspiration while writing, when you are done you are likely to feel pride, a creator's adoration of the creation — and gratitude

First Drafts
By Naomi Rose
It can be frustrating to have to withstand the impatience and edginess that writing a first draft brings about.

For Fun, Write a Book
By Naomi Rose
I would not be fully truthful if I gave the impression that writing a book is always fun, or only fun.

Listening Your Book into Being
By Naomi Rose
What does it mean to learn to listen to yourself, especially when it comes to writing a book?