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Is Book Writing Commerce, or Is It Art? : Page 2 of 2

Is It Commerce, or Is It Art?

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As a Book Developer who has been working in this field for about 20 years, with many years' previous experience as a book editor, and a lifetime's experience as the child of two fiction writers, I have to undo these kinds of misconceptions in many of my clients in order to clear a path for them to even hear what is inside them that wants to be written. For us, the process of coming to listen truly to what is inside ~ not only what wants to be said, but how it speaks to the individual person from within, what is the coloration, the whisper, the atmospheric cast, the panoply of images, the exquisite nature of their perceptions ~ takes precedence over everything in the beginning of our work. Otherwise, what will happen? A person will perhaps craft a book that gets the job done, and even gathers public approbation and sells copies (all good things), but does not speak to the heart of the writer.

So it's essential to make one's own acquaintance deeply, to learn how to hear what's there, to give it passage, to honor it, to be able to recognize when one is off-center, and to return. This is an intrinsically spiritual process, and it's what we long for in our soul of souls. In the process, a beautiful book will get written. And because of the deep engagement in what's real, in the very act of writing, all that presence, energy, intention, and beauty will be part-and-parcel of the writing, woven right in, dyed in the wool. That is what will reach the readers: not so much as a "communication" as a transmission. What is in me, as a writer, is now in you. This wisdom, this nourishment, this beauty, this oneness.

Like any art, practicing it increases one's comfort level, one's adeptness, one's success. Writing a book is a long-enough project that just writing it (and re-writing it) provides the practice. People can be daunted by the idea of writing a book; but if they use the Writing from the Deeper Self approach in the ways that suit them best, they soon find that their lives are being rewritten by the book, as well. So it's like therapy ~ to the extent that writing a book from the deeper Self shows us to ourselves, and gives us room to rewrite our interpretations of our lives. It's like ministry ~ to the extent that we are serving our deepest nature and, because we are all connected at that deeper level, therefore serving our readers' beings. It's like devotion ~ to the extent that returning to the unfoldment of our story (I include non-fiction writing in the term "story") again and again brings us closer to what is behind the manifestation of any story, any life, any idea, and brings us to a state of awe. And it's a transmission ~ to the extent that what is in you, as you are giving all of yourself to the writing, discovering yourself through the writing, and articulating your deepest nature as you write travels through the printed words straight into the inner experience of the reader.

So if, in writing a book (or even considering writing a book) you tune to the life within you that seeks to be known, rather than first tuning to what will sell in the marketplace, you get to be an artist and a healer. Nor does this interfere with commercial success. An artist wants to be true to the creative process, and the creation. A healer wants to be true to the unity that links us all. If, in your book-writing, you seek (a) to bring through what wants to grow and be crafted, and also (b) to connect with your readers' deepest heart ~ then you will achieve that best of all worlds: the marriage of art and commercial success, of spirit and matter, of being true to your deepest being and reaching a receptive, even profoundly grateful readership. That translates not only into great sales, but great humanity. Pretty good for a book writer.

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