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Responses to Naomi Rose's Challenge to Write Long(er) Sentences
Write Long(er) Sentences Challenge : The Winners 2011

A Challenge to Write Long: The Winners!

By Naomi Rose

The Original Write Long Challenge »

There are 10 winners ~ 9 in the long-sentence category, and 1 in a category I made up on the spot to accommodate a powerful piece where the sentences were not all that long, but the depth made up for it. The winners came from all over the world: in the US, from Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and California, for example. And internationally, from Canada, and Ireland, and South Africa. What a thrill to know that intimate writing ~ stimulated by this invitation ~ speaks to the one heart that truly spans the world.

I have been graced to not only read and judge these entries, but also to communicate with their authors by email ~ to notify them, and then, when they responded (quite delighted and moved to have been so notified), to respond again. Perhaps the best part of this, for me, is the intimacy that grows out of deep writing. It transcends distance, time, and much else. It is food for the soul.

Enjoy the nourishment.

The Winning Entries

These are listed alphabetically, not in hierarchical order. My own responses at the time of first reading them are included on each page. The writer's responses to doing this writing (if offered) appear as "Writer's Process Notes."

The winners are (click name to read piece):

Concluding Comments

I hope you have enjoyed reading these lengthy sentences and moving into your own deeper experience through that act. I remain humbled and thrilled by the responses, not only the wonderful writing but also the human connections they have made possible.

Writing, to me, at its truest links us heart to heart, shows us that we ~ in our uniqueness and sometimes feeling of loneliness/separation ~ are more connected, more loved, more trailblazing and healing of our own (and therefore, our readers') lives and quests than we may ever have imagined.

Writing from the Deeper Self, while an approach to writing that I found (or was given to me) long ago, is not so much a "branding" as a pathway into something we all long for, cherish, and actually have within us. We only need to have the trust that it has a place in our hearts, in the hearts of our readers, and in the world. Individually and together, our writing bridges chasms and heals the world, as I hope you have experienced, yourself, in reading these winning entries.

If you are interested to explore what it might be like for you to write a whole book from this depth within yourself, with my help as a book developer, I invite you to contact me.

© 2011 Naomi Rose. All rights reserved.