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Responses to Naomi Rose's Challenge to Write Long(er) Sentences
Challenge to Write Long Entries : Response by Jane Falla

Challenge to Write Long: Response by Jane Falla

Conway, Massachusetts / USA

Naomi Rose comments:
A truly wonderful evocation of love and loving and love's possibilities, from within the living memory of it, so that it dances in the heart like a promise for everyone, including you, reading it.
Writer's process notes: One thing that I can say about the experience of writing this memory is that I did slow down — almost to be in a dreamlike state — and I felt that I was reliving that moment. For that slice of time, I felt so vitally alive and deeply in touch with something important in my life — the taste of real, deep, promising love. Anais Nin said, " We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection." These deep memories live inside of us to serve us. I wanted to taste this part of my life again, and it was immensely satisfying and filled with wonder. To have the chance to know that kind of love has to be one of life's greatest treasures.

Writing long and remembering love …

Let me take you back for a second to a sweeter time, a time of kisses laced with grape juice, and a sky that spread out in slow inches like a carpet of twinkling stars as we sat and waited for a ferry that we knew wouldn't sail, and it just didn't matter because the whole day seemed like a parade painted with color and light, and the world felt just right right then, with just you and me in it, wrapped by the warmth of the sun from our day at the beach, dreamily eating grapes on the dock, passing them back and forth to each other with gently touching lips, and later, seeing that the ferry was clearly never going to arrive, walking and wandering hand-in-hand into the promise of a quiet night without worry or loneliness, setting out without concern of time or destination, floating contentedly in the fact that wherever we were going in this adventure, we now had the promise of swimming in it together, and suddenly invincible, there was no doubt we would dive in and discover something and get somewhere, and it would be good, even better than good, and it would last like a night without an ending, or a day without a beginning, just one expansive ocean of moment following moment in the natural tides of a new love, like we were the messages in the bottles that washed ashore, and only for each other could we pop the corks and unseal the envelopes of ourselves — peeling back the glued edges without rips or tears — unfolding not only our deepest secret contents to each other, but also shining a light for our very own selves to clearly see the vast horizon of our possibility. •

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