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Responses to Naomi Rose's Challenge to Write Long(er) Sentences
Challenge to Write Long Entries : Response by Olga Jardim

Challenge to Write Long: Response by Olga Jardim

South Africa

Naomi Rose comments:
Funny, touching, and though personal also transferable through the slowness and depth of the writing at length. A gift to receive.

Parents Who Love Their Kids

If I were to have taken a qualifying exam prior to motherhood, I would not have measured even as the custodian of a mere goldfish! Which is why, when the nurse confirmed the positive result, I proceeded to faint on the spot, immediately reduced to a state of mental stupor.

However, nothing could have prepared my heart for the magnitude of unceasing love that would imbibe my existence from the day of her birth. My daughter, my gift! She is the blessing that has amplified the depth and breadth of the extension of life; a reason to be glad and motivation to find the largeness within ourselves with joy unending.

All these things she has brought into my life and even now, at age twenty five, I remember with tenderness the day of her birth. I relish the fact that each day is a new day in her growth towards everything she is striving to be; more than just a roommate, she is a delightful companion, able to rise up to any challenge and at times, even mothering me!

She has surprised me, in that, despite so much mutual love, we are so different in nature, which only serves to showcase the uniqueness of every human being; confirmation that although children are biologically like us and from us, they nevertheless come with a singular and inimitable sense of purpose, thinking with their very own thoughts. Therein lays the joy, with each day unfolding a fulfillment unmatched by any other endowment, lending their perspective on life as they view it.

I am a 50 year old mother, who loves her daughter with the ardour of a proud lioness guarding her cub. Perhaps it is a result of single parenting, since she was barely four years of age, which initially made it essential both legally and traditionally, that I be attentive to every aspect of her livelihood, ensuring that nothing was ever lacking, turning me into a raving fan.

Nevertheless, I am thankful everyday, for the wonder of motherhood; a chance to be completely selfless in the pursuit of her well-being; desiring only what is best for her and nurturing her to live her life with grace and nobility. My heart is filled with gratitude when she presents me with evidence that she has learned her lessons well and that kindness is her guide as she treads on her life's journey everyday. •

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