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Permission Slips... For Your Heart & Soul by Patricia J. Mosca
Patricia Mosca : Review of Permission Slips For Your Heart & Soul

Pattie Mosca's Ultimate 'YES!'

A little review of Permission Slips . . .
For Your Heart & Soul

By Chris Dunmire

Celebrate You Today!

I've been cutting out and giving away pages from Pattie Mosca's Permission Slips for almost two months in preparation for the books' official launch through Story People Press (congratulations, Pattie!).

Creativity Portal celebrates with Pattie with an interview about her creative journey and sample permission slips from her book that you can download, print, and use.

Although I've mostly retired from reviewing books, I wanted to enjoy and report on some field experiences with Permission Slips in my coaching practice because I know how beautifully Pattie, a fellow Kaizen-Muse™ creativity coach, helps others work through self-limiting habits and beliefs towards more possibility and self-care — all great soil in which compassion and creativity thrives . . . for all of us.

Just holding this book in my hands makes me feel lighter. In a poetic, tactile way I'll share how its soaking color is powerful; its wide format is all-encompassing; its whimsical artwork is joy-inspiring; and its beautiful message is releasing.

Yes, releasing.

I've carefully observed the reaction on the faces and bodies of my friends and clients as they receive official, tangible permission through these slips to eat cake, make mistakes, start over, say NO, laugh, nap, celebrate, stretch, and dream. It's usually a cross between joy, relief and gratitude; followed by a long, deep sigh and a smile of thanks. A definite heaviness is lifted . . . even if for just a few minutes.

My client Andrea* who says Yes to everything is suffocating under piles of work, commitments, and stress. I gave her the "NO Day" permission slip:

What is NO day? It is the day you can actually say NO to things people ask of you and you really do not want to do. Anyone who values and respects you will understand. Affirm your own needs and views.

"Andrea, hold this up to the next person who asks you to do something you really don't want to do." She thought for a moment and then held it up to me. We laughed together in release.

Permission liberates us from tight, internal should's and ought's.

My friend Kate* was going away for a long, solitary weekend writing retreat infused with intentions of self-care. She was coming down to the wire on finishing her Master's Thesis and was a very tired working single parent. She packed bubble bath and candles and planned to swim in the hotel pool and walk on the treadmill.

"Let me give you a few of these to take along." I offered. "One for each day you're away."

Kate was pleased at the idea.

I snipped out four of the most pampery, self-care ones I could find in the book and folded them into quarters. "Don't peek."

Kate returned glowing. She reported on how much joy the little permission slips added to her getaway — they were little affirmation nudges to her heart's longing, activating dormant wisdom from within. I could only smile back; receiving the indelible joy one gets from giving.

Please enjoy a few sample pages from Pattie Mosca's Permission Slips... For Your Heart & Soul. •

* names changed for privacy

© 2012 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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