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Patricia Mosca : Permission Slip: Unlimited Mistakes Day

Permission Slips for Your Heart & Soul


and laugh about it . . .

By Patricia J. Mosca

No matter what happens today, there are NO mistakes. Everything is exactly as it should be. Go ahead and LAUGH... It's Unlimited Mistakes Day.

How many times have you started a project only to abandon it because it felt like a mistake? Or because you felt it was already done by someone else? Or because you didn't feel it was "good enough"?

The thing about all these questions is that it comes from the FEAR mode. So here is your permission slip. Use it whenever you are feeling that overwhelmed feeling of not measuring up (to yourself!).

There are no mistakes. Do not cave into your FEAR! BELIEVE in all you do and all you can do and that nothing is a MISTAKE!

Unlimited Mistakes Day Front

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