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The Anatomy of a Light Bulb Moment : Page 2 of 2

The Anatomy of a Light Bulb Moment

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After a few minutes, the pranic force seeps outside your physical body. There is a point known as your omega chakra, a few inches below the bottom of your spine — your root chakra point. From there, your prana seeps into Mother Earth and informs her you are ready to receive.

A nanosecond later, it rises up your spine past your crown to a point known as the alpha chakra just above your head. At this time, you become the pivot point between the superconsciousness and Mother Earth — your heart being at the very centre. Sometimes a big tingling up and down your spine can accompany this whole process.

If at that time you are internally silent, the information transfer occurs. It seems to happen inside time and outside space. Every neuron in your brain lights up and you experience the beginning of a light bulb moment. The process is not yet complete.

The information is passed to Mother Earth who checks it is safe and timely for you to receive it. It checks to see if the idea is ecologically sound for both you and the planet.

Your root and sacral chakras are then consulted about the safety of the idea from a personal perspective. It next passes into your gut centre for further ' internal quality assurance'.

Our 'lower minds' communicate upwards with a very basic language — normally with just a simple 'yes' or 'no' and only occasionally a 'maybe'. Learning to trust your gut and root minds separates the successful from the 'also rans'.

If it's a 'yes', your gut then passes it to your heart centre so you can fall in love with the idea. The heart mind communicates upwards with a sliding scale where a zero [or negative] represents a loathing of the idea and a ten [or eleven] that you are totally on love with it.

The idea then returns to your pineal gland at the top of your spinal column and the centre of your brain. From there, it permeates to enter your outer cortex and begins to leak into your consciousness. You then start to become consciously aware of the 'new idea'. It is first decoded and interpreted by the right hemisphere which looks at it from a holistic perspective. Finally, it is passed to your left hemisphere for 'processing'.

In real time, much less than a second has elapsed. Yet, as all your 'minds' are in agreement, you know you have to act on this 'news' — it just feels right.

Your throat chakra might even get it on the act and shout "Eureka!"

The 'processing' of the idea might take some time. Isaac Newton was reported to have got the whole of the Theory of Gravity in this way, in less than a second, and to have taken the rest of his life to work on it. The incident with Newton's apple by the way may well be apocryphal and somewhat of an urban myth.

Next in the series, we will look at the process of amplifying these seed ideas and giving them momentum in the real world such that they have an increased likelihood of actually happening. •

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