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Getting In The Groove : Page 2 of 2

Getting In The Groove

continued from page 1

  • Describe your ideal day or be creative & make up your best day ever
  • Describe the room you are in — or the room you would like to be in
  • Have a go at the next chapter of a book you are stuck on
  • Write some poetry
  • Write a blog post
  • Write an entertaining or erudite Tweet each day on
  • Or Tweet a whole story as I did on
  • Write a story in just Six Sentences and submit it to

Spend between 10 & 20 minutes on this exercise — or, if you find you get in flow, keep writing. You will be amazed what comes from this process.

Exercise 2: Active Reading

Another crucial skill for writers is to read, and to read regularly.

Reading as a writer requires a different mindset to reading as someone who does not write.

This doesn't mean you have to read everything with a critical eye, like a literary critic, or to take twice as long over it. You just have to become aware of your feelings and thoughts when reading something. Specifically, pay attention to something you enjoyed or found interesting.

When you find a book you really like, take time to re-read sections of it. Pay attention to several things that you may have been only unconsciously aware of:

  • The cover of the book
  • The font type and size
  • The way the text is laid out on the page
  • The language used

Read the opening paragraph of the introduction or a section you particularly liked again

With these in mind, describe your feelings:

What do you think about the book?

  • How does this make you think and feel about the author?
  • What do you feel in your gut?
  • What do you sense in your heart?
  • What is going on in your head?
  • What new ideas does thinking like this bring to you?

Then next time you write something, bear this type of thinking in mind before you even start. •

Tom Evans Renaissance Man and Imagineer Tom Evans is the author of four books and counting about creativity. More »