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Moments of Light : Page 2 of 2

Moments of Light

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For most of the time, and most people, hopefully our brains and minds are running on a more even keel. Instead of rage, anger or grief, perhaps you are just beset with the daily worries of life. From this position, you can begin to enjoy flashes of inspiration and good ideas can get an airing. However, if you are in anyway fearful of the outcome of expressing or executing an idea, you will remain in stasis. You won't go forward and you won't go back. Everything will just be fine and dandy and the boat won't get rocked.

Normal State of Mind

In order to progress from this state of mind, we have to make a leap of faith. We need to see the fears and worries that beset us each day in a different light. Our unconscious mind is the source of such emotions. These fears and worries don't exist in the real world; they are just inside our heads.

It is not a case of ignoring such fears when they arise but paying attention to them only when necessary. If you are worried about something, it is just your unconscious or gut mind telling you there's something you need to address. Once you've taken action, move on.

When you make this shift, you become free to work with the light and have unlimited light bulb moments on demand. The see-saw shifts in your favour and you notice something new.

First, to appreciate how to maximize your light bulb moments, we need to look at the dictionary definition of the word 'moment'. We see that, as well as meaning a moment in time, it is also a force applied at a distance from a central pivot. If you use the same force but with a lever twice as long, you double its effectiveness. This of course is nothing new, the architects of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid knew this.

When we use it in this see-saw analogy, the length of the lever is proportional to the level of focus in our consciousness and the level of our intent. If we dilute our consciousness by tackling too many things, the lever action will reduce. Channel your efforts and you will reap rewards much easier. With higher intent, the force at the end of the see-saw is amplified further.

So if your aim is to make a million dollars, you will be more effective in that goal if you've got a good and worthy use for the money — even if this is purely financial and personal.

You don't have to give it away but just to amass wealth for no purpose is an empty challenge which will just end up with you worrying what to do next. The see-saw will just swing back the other way.

Enlightened State of Mind

Naturally if everything you bring to your consciousness manifests, you could end up being a busy bee indeed. So it's fine to flip back from time to time to a balanced state for the see-saw. What is healthier though is to achieve balance using reflection and assessment as opposed to fears and worry. You are then perfectly poised to act when inspiration arrives. •

Balanced State of Mind

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