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The Zone : The Healing Zone

The Zone

The Healing Zone

By Tom Evans | 6/20/15

When we think of a healing zone, we might think of it as being a place like a hospital or a clinic. For sure, these are all physical zones where some healing undoubtedly takes place.

The real healing zone is slightly more ethereal and intangible than any doctor’s surgery. It is a place in our minds and bodies where we go to in order for healing to take place. It’s a place where we have to take full responsibility for our own well-being.

This particular Healing Zone is purposely situated at the exit of the Danger Zones in this series and at the start of the Being Zones. Indeed, it’s a place to take stock before moving to a new way of being.

If we are unwell, it’s natural we seek pity and want some comfort, either from another human being or in the form of a pill or a sticking plaster. It pays dividends though for us to ponder if there is a ulterior purpose for any feeling of dis-ease. Perhaps we are burning the candle at both ends and it’s nature’s way of getting us to slow down. Perhaps we are consuming too much of one thing or not enough of something else. Perhaps we are living and working in a toxic environment. Such toxicity could be physical or mental.

There is no question that many illnesses are seeded from a thought or state of mind. For example, eating disorders such as obesity and anorexia could be rooted in lack of self-love or poor self-worth. This signifies both a cry for help and a cry for health.

So the real Healing Zone is a place we go in our minds.

First, if we are taken ill, we should take that recourse to get ourselves back on track. It’s not a good idea to let things fester, just in case they get worse and become irreversible. Whether we favour traditional or complementary medicine, we should go and see that expert who can look at our condition and prescribe something, or some course of action, that will get us better.

The next step though is to change the conditions that caused the illness in the first place so that it doesn’t visit our door again. This might be a change in lifestyle or even a change in job. It might mean that we should hang around with different people. Whether it be a common cold or a bad habit, many diseases are contagious and infectious. Even the bad luck that gives rise to accidents is something that can be caught.

Such a change in lifestyle allows us to enter a special zone indeed. In this zone, disease simply doesn’t exist. We keep illness at bay more often that it crosses our path. On the rare occasions when we do succumb, we see benefit and a message in anything that is sent to plague us and darken our door.

Wellness is often represented by an equilateral triangle where mind, body and spirit are in harmony. This is a pretty accurate metaphor and one that all health practitioners would do well to utilise, with both themselves and their patients or clients.

What is of more importance is that our health is not the responsibility of the government, the health service, the newspapers or the media. We are responsible for maintaining the balance of our own triangle of well-being. Our mind can upset our body or our body can dampen our spirit. Our spirit however, even though somewhat intangible, can support our body and enrich our mind.

The Healing Zone is a bridge from Danger Zones that allows us to cross over a new way to run our lives. Here’s where a huge shift in thinking must occur.

Our good health is not the responsibility of our doctors, our healthcare system or any government. It lies with each and everyone of us. The prime factors affecting our health are our lifestyle and mind set. If you are unfortunate enough to be unwell, the road back to good health is largely down to you.

Of course, we can get help from both traditional and complementary medical practitioners. They can mend broken parts and give our bodies a service if needed. When you fully engage with the Being Zones however, your reliance on others to ensure your own well-being diminishes. •

© 2014 Tom Evans. All rights reserved.

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