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Creatively Fit: Create You!
How to Create a More Intentional Life : Page 2 of 2

How to Create a More Intentional Life

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By 2008, when I moved my "creativity laboratory" out of the four walls an onto the national stage with my first book, our world was also exposed to the revelations of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Dan Pink, who came alongside my creative discoveries with their own research and personal experience. Dr. Jill's journey to a more intentional life is told in her bestselling book My Stroke of Insight. Also known as the "singing scientist", Bolte Taylor had found "nirvana" in her right brain, as the stroke she suffered in 1996 had affected her left hemisphere. It took her 8 years to regain her mental balance, but her new life was much more intentional, choosing not to reclaim "lost baggage" and to pursue the arts, specifically stained glass, in her new, more mindful, and "Creatively Fit" life.

Dan Pink, former speech writer for Al Gore and professed "left brainer" was inspired to become more mindful because of the evolution of the business world that he saw unfolding before him. With more and more jobs being outsourced to Asia, he announced in his bestseller, A Whole New Mind, Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future, that we are now leaving the Information Age and entering the "Conceptual Age" where skills more closely associated with the right hemisphere would provide America with its competitive edge. Dan Pink endorsed my book, The Artist Within, stating that it is a "first rate guide to succeeding in this new world."

Featured in the hit movie "What the Bleep", Quantum Physicist Dr. Joe Dispenza reports in his book, Evolve Your Brain, that when hooked up to the MRI machine that it is the right hemisphere that lights up the screen whenever we learn ANYTHING new. Turns out our left brain is responsible for our skills, the things we already know. So, if your intention is to manifest new opportunities, new levels of income or personal happiness, you are going to want to get into your right brain to do so.

Your right hemisphere has long been known as the "creative" side, but it is our expanding understanding of the role personal creativity plays in every level of successful living that is, gratefully, widening our definition of creativity. In the July 2010 Newsweek article, "The Creativity Crisis," research was announced proving that our "creativity quotient" was a more accurate barometer of personal success than the intelligence quotient (IQ). Studies were also cited proving that with regular creative activity anyone could increase their personal creativity quotient.

While we all would list "artists" at the top of the list of "creatives," many of us are hesitant, even fearful, of making our mark with paint or pencil. You may still subscribe to the false belief that in order to be able to paint you have to have inherited "that" gene. Professional artist are on a different level from the kind of artist I want to encourage you to be, just as professional basketball players are at a different level than those who play pick-up at the local park. BECAUSE art making contrasts your daily routine, BECAUSE it creates new neural pathways in your mind, BECAUSE it strengthens the same mental muscle that can take the resources you have at your disposal and CREATE something entirely new, making art can provide you with the portal to an entirely new awareness of your life as art and your ability to CREATE the change you want to see in your world.

The secret is to "make your mark" every day. It is this creative activity that will stimulate the right hemisphere, strengthening your mental ability just like a muscle, and usher in your new intentional life. The results are everything that Boldt, Langer, Bolte Taylor, Pink, Dispenza, and many more have been promoting to achieve this new, more intentional living. Just like achieving weight loss goals requires action, so does achieving new levels of personal creativity. The action is putting color and line to the surface and the results, instead of shed pounds, are new mental abilities and a new awareness that can be harnessed to CREATE the life you desire. And THAT is no accident.

To get started, count out a stack of 30 pages of computer paper from your printer. Each day make your mark on one piece of paper. On the back of each paper write any thoughts that come to mind as a result of your scribble. Notice the changes as the days go by. With a stronger, more Creatively Fit, right brain muscle, you should experience less stress, take bolder action, open up to new opportunities, and feel a greater connection to the people and the world around you. You will sense new optimism and excitement about the potential all around you as you create your intentional life! •

© 2011 Whitney Freya. All rights reserved.

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Updated 1/14/14