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Creatively Fit: Create You!
My Top 10 Ways to Create a Quantum Leap : Page 2 of 2

My Top 10 Ways to Create a Quantum Leap

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Following are my Top Ten Ways to Create a Quantum Leap to prepare you, get you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually "fit" to enter into this new world. Treat these like exercises to prepare you, to open you up, for more quantum leaps.

10 Call a friend. The leap is from an awareness of your own world to an immediate leap in awareness of your friend's world, where they are, what they are doing, thinking, feeling….The moment they answer your call, you leap.

9 Smell something. Our olfactory sense is the most powerful sense. With just a sniff you can take a quantum leap to a memory of a place, person, or thing. Or the scent will simply, instantly, trigger new thoughts, another leap in your awareness.

8 Play a song from the 80's (if you are old enough to do so). I know you get this one — the leap from busy executive, mother of three, or any stressed-out adult to a carefree teenage version of yourself. Enjoy the leap!

7 Bring home a gift to your partner, mother, friend, etc. Watch their eyes as they make the quantum leap from the routine they were in to the surprise of an unexpected gift!

6 Plug your ears into a bilateral soundtrack. The music oscillates between your right and left headphones, taking your consciousness into the deeper recesses of your mind, your subconscious.

5 Dance. Movement creates a shift in your awareness instantly. Download a Gabrielle Roth composition and move your body. The leap from "being in your head" to being in your body is powerful.

4 Focus all your attention on just one object. Leap from "monkey mind" to laser beam attention on a flower, a tree, a flame of a candle, a color, etc.

3 Make your mark. Grab whatever paper and marking utensil you have handy and doodle. Let one mark lead to another. Don't try to draw a "thing." Just let lines, squiggles and dots come out of your pen. The quantum leap is made from left hemisphere dominant thinking to right hemisphere dominant thinking, from logic to unlimited possibilities, from fear to love, from feeling separate to feeling connected.

2 Draw YOUR world. Replace the images or symbols that have been downloaded into your mind via the media, etc. with your own images. Don't worry about not being able to draw. Think of it as handwriting — we all do it differently. Draw whatever comes to mind when you read these three phrases: A GOOD DAY, YOUR FAVORITE PLACE, IF I COULD BE DOING ANYTHING I WOULD BE….

1 The #1 way to CREATE a quantum leap: PAINT! Yes, you! Buy some paints, a canvas and the whole bit. To start, just mix colors and scribble them on the canvas, like you are just testing the color. The more this CONTRASTS your routine, in other words the more of a beginner painter that you are, the more this exercise will provide the quantum leap.

PaintI believe art making is a portal to our creative power. This power has been taken from us by the product-driven, economy based values that say that art making is only valuable if you could generate money from your product. That is like only believing in the tip of the iceberg. The reason we painted on cave walls long before we created a monetary system or a written language is because we make art to CONNECT to that "delusional" side, the side responsible for, the source of, all newness — new ideas, new ways of doing things, new processes, new patterns, new systems, new structures, and NEW solutions.

By making this connection, making this quantum leap, you are preparing yourself to better make whatever leap you will be required to make as the world progresses and the existing structures continue to shake and crumble. Don't hear this as "doomsday"! These are exciting days, full of infinite possibility. You, quantum leaper, will spring into the "new way of doing things" as gracefully as a gazelle because you will have CREATED it! Go creativity! •

© 2011 Whitney Freya. All rights reserved.

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Updated 1/14/14