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Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Painting : Part 4 of 5

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Painting

continued from page 3

Painting Step #3: Filling in the Spaces with Color

  • Filling in the Spaces At this stage in the painting, I still encourage my students to stay present and not worry about the final image. STAY PRESENT.
  • We also want to let each of the layers peek through a bit. So when we are filling in our spaces over our foundation layer, let the brush run out of paint so that you can still see the green that is underneath or the red. That layer peeking through will make the painting more interesting, just as the layers of experience in our lives makes it more interesting. See the orange of the base layer showing through in this painting?
  • This is also a good time to let your intuition guide you in the painting process. When we paint intuitively, we are only PARTICIPATING in the evolution of the painting, not CONTROLLING it. We let our brush lightly skip across the canvas and touch down where we feel it is needed. We look to our palette and try to RECOGNIZE the next color we want to add, rather than worrying about selecting the right color. At this stage in any creative process, since we are not at the end — we are at the middle — we can still explore all the options boldly without worrying about the final outcome. In other words, in the "career search" you may still be investigating and going deeper learning about 2-3 careers, knowing that you are not picking just one yet. Look for the career, the color, the line INTUITIVELY. It is like recognizing ("Oh, yeah. This is the right color/career.) or remembering (of course, this is the color/career I have been heading towards all along.).
  • Create UNITY in your painting by repeating colors on your canvas. You can create unity in your life by recognizing what is important to you and making sure that what you value is inherent in your actions / career.

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Updated 1/1/14