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Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Painting : Part 2 of 5

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned Painting

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Painting Step #1: The Foundation

  • The FoundationAny hesitancy to "make your mark" is rooted in fear. Dig to the root of the fear and it will almost always be unfounded.
  • In this step you are simply starting "the ball rolling". This is where we "cast out our net." Don't think about the final outcome, just cover the blank canvas with color, maybe even add some texture. Don't judge, don't criticize. This is the brainstorming stage of painting. You are open to all possibilities at this stage.
  • In real life, the foundational steps of any creative activity is to "just do it", without worrying about the final result. Say you want a new job. The "foundation" of creating this change is to simply open up to the possibility. Replace all the excuses with reasons why you ARE going to find a new career. Then, make some phone calls to people who have made a similar change or who are in a career in which you are interested. Sign up for a class. Look at the want ads. Let people know you are looking for a new career. You are not going to quit your job tomorrow, you are just taking a step in that direction.
  • If you are thinking TOO much, and afraid to make the wrong mark, paint with your non-dominant hand. It takes all the pressure off!

Color Mixing

  • Color MixingWe need to learn that when opposite colors mix together we get "mud".
  • However, when small amounts of an opposite color are added into another we get an "earthy" shade of that color + we also get the color of SHADOW.
  • When we paint SHADOW colors on our painting it makes all the other colors that are not shadow colors look ILLUMINATED. So, in other words, to have illumination, we have to add SHADOW. It is like this in life. The shadow times are what teach us what we need to know to experience illumination. One can't exist without the other. When you are living your life as ART, you realize that it is necessary to have CONTRAST and that there must be both the DARK and the LIGHT areas of the painting.

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Updated 1/14/14