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Inspiring Creativity Anthology
CCA : Inspiring Creativity Excerpts : Kate Quinlan

It's Not What You Create, It's That You Create

Kate Quinlan is a creativity coach with a background in education, social work, interior design, and art history. Having spent much of the first half of her life clinging to her creativity in spite of feeling intimidated and assuming that everyone else's work was better than hers, she will dare to follow her inklings and experience the rest of her life as an artist, writer, and coach encouraging everyone in her path to partake on their own creative journey. She welcomes email at Kate is grateful to her husband, Roger for his steadfast inspiration and corroboration. Also for the boundless support from her children, who are undoubtedly her finest creative accomplishment.

  • Five Confidence Eroding Notions to Resist
    By Kate Quinlan
    Everyday you are subjected to attitudes and notions that influence your life, your thinking, your creating. Some are damaging notions and opinions that can undermine your confidence.