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Chris Dunmire is an artist and humorist and the driving force behind the award-winning Creativity Portal Web site. She's also a certified creativity coach, trained with America's Foremost Creativity Coach Eric Maisel, PhD, and Kaizen-Muse™ founder Jill Badonsky, MEd.

Chris is the author of several books, including the ever-popular April Fool's Joke Word Search Puzzles and Origami Dollar Bill Money Plant. Learn more at

Creativity Features

A Quest through Maisel's ‘The Van Gogh Blues’
A reflective guide for self-discovery and group discussions.

How to Make a Desktop Zen Garden
Use the art of Zen gardening to relax, rejuvenate, and enhance creative flow.

Forget What They Say
Before you can be a published writer, you have to be a practicing writer.

Soul Food Cafe Interview with Chris Dunmire
Heather Blakey asks Chris a few intriguing questions.

5 Ways Dragon NaturallySpeaking Can Enhance Your Creative Process
Dragon is a great non-judgmental listener, idea capturer, and virtual assistant.

Southwest Arizona Series Photo Prompts
After three weeks traveling in the Arizona desert, I've turned my collection of photos and journal memories into a series of writing prompts.

Are You Validating Your Creativity by Blogging Your Journey?
Are you documenting your creative life by capturing bits and pieces, visual snapshots, and honest memories of it to share with others?

Holding On to Artistic Aspirations
We can be sorted into categories in classrooms and by critics, but we cannot be separated from the longing of our spirit to manifest its creative potential.

Graphic Design Lesson: Mixing Web & Print Graphics
A quick lesson in the ethical, legal, and common-sense reasons why not to use images downloaded from random Web sites in your newsletters and other print projects.

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