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Lilly Fluger Interview : Page 4 of 4

Cartoonist & Artist Lilly Fluger

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Q: Can you discuss the higher purpose of creativity in your life? Why were you called to do this work — instead of becoming a fabulously silly bank teller or accountant, for example?

A: My sense of higher purpose is in how I love this earth and nature, how it all works endlessly and the fantastic variety of it all. My creative way is to perceive what's in front of me so it feels good, for the purpose of opening up my link to my life source so that it can flow through me.

Did you see the movie Second Hand Lions? Robert Duvall as Hub gives a speech to a boy. He says: "Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most." You can believe whatever you want no matter if it's true or not... you believe what MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN IT. Creativity is a determination to believe in things that feel good because it launches your creative energy flow. Then, there is joy in what you're doing because of the connection to and flow of source.

Creating something from nothing on blank paper is fun because I get to use that format to play with my inner source. I ask, and they surprise me with inspiration and ideas, and it is really fun. If it's word play and cartoon jokes, it's doubly fun and funny. And I get to go try it out on others, and laugh at their responses.

© Lilly FlugerWith my watercolors, I get so focused on the beauty and shadows and colors and nuance and angles and curvacious shapes of nature, that I feel I am on some kind of painter's cocaine. And when I go elsewhere, I start to see shape and detail and sparkle and notice nuance and shadows, the entire world becomes thick and sensuous and brilliant in new ways I never noticed. It's so wonderful, that feeling.

I just thought, what if you asked a kid this "higher purpose" question? It's absurd. Kids are all about having fun and joy. There is no higher purpose in life than fun and joy! The art of living and experiencing life is the porpoise and it is high. It's the joy feeling component, that zesty thrill, during the doing that makes any moment valuable and inspiring and compelling.

I have no clue why I do this. It is just fun.

Q: Are there sacred, spiritual, or healing aspects of creativity that have manifested in your life which you want to share with our readers?

A: Drawing cute playful characters is "healing" in the aspect that drawing is a powerful focusing tool, and you're distracted from your worries or concerns. Because cartoons are playful, it adds another aspect by lightening the mood. It's all humorously sacred, spiritually physical, and healthfully healing if while you are doing it, you are thinking things that feel good. There is huge power in thought. Feeling good is an indication that source is flowing through unrestricted. Feeling good is extremely healthy.

Q: Would you care to discuss some of your new, upcoming projects, classes, events or artwork exhibitions?

A: We're going to Molokai, and I love snorkeling. I'm playing with new watercolors and papers, and painting tropical fish. I'm drawing bunny butts and making up rhyming stories about cute buns. I'm putting up silly tree pun cartoons on my website. I got some chia pets and have been experimenting with sprouting micro greens on them.

Q: What would you say to your thirteen-year-old self if you met her on the street today?

A: Trust yourSELF. It's going to be better than you ever imagined it.

Q: Any last words of advice, humor, or inspiration for our Creativity Portal fans?

A: Pretend big, imagine feisty, make your own kind of truth. You are a human in god's pajamas. Here are two favorite quotes I've been carrying around for years about two of my favorite things; surprise and delight:

"Follow delight, your sense of delight. Please do not work at this. Have all the fun you can allow — you'll be very surprised."

"Surprise is the twin partner of delight, of recognition on Earth of limitless possibilities and of eternality. For the biggest surprise to the Earth consciousness, no matter how advanced, is just how the apparent limitations and barriers and "deadlines" fall away into timeless and infinitely variable unfolding beauty and complete love."

Thanks for tuning in to this month's Creating a Fun, Fabulous Career in the Arts! Catch us next month for a juicy interview with Goth Book Goddess and owner of a fabulous online bookshop, Kimberly Richardson. If you need a good dose of silly, or more information about Lilly Fluger's cartoons, ebooks and puzzles, as well as her visual art, please check out the following links:

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