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Multicultural Muses : My Inner Muse, Part 2

An Exclusive Interview with My Inner Muse: Part 2

By Molly J. Anderson-Childers

This is a continuation of last month's article, An Interview with My Inner Muse. This wonderful creative spirit inspires, surprises, and delights me at every turn… even on a bleary Monday morning like this one, when I don't feel so delightful myself.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: I'd like to see you really spread your wings, and soar to unexpected heights. As you continue to mingle creative and spiritual work, your soul will reach a state of glowing, burning incandescence and unity with the Divine. It's all going to happen for you — your work will transcend the mundane, the trendy, and break all the rules. You will give hope and joy to the oppressed, and spread delight in the hearts of many. You will lead a revolution of beauty, passion and spirit.

Q: Wow, I don't know if I'm ready to lead a revolution just yet. I'm still in my bathrobe! What can I do to prepare myself for these successes?

A: You must continue to write and create honestly, from a deep place in the heart. You must take many risks, make many leaps of faith. And you must learn to take exquisite care of yourself. It is essential to fill the well to overflowing in order for you to sustain your creative fire. This means you need to learn to spoil yourself a little — or maybe a lot! You work hard, and you deserve it — hell, you need it — more than anyone I know.

Creating something beautiful from a mere idea, a puff of wind, is difficult work. So I challenge you to rest when you are weary, to conserve your time and energy for the important things in life, and let the little things take care of themselves. You will heal many hearts with your work; but you must heal yourself first.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want; you shall receive it, quick as winking. Focus on your creative and spiritual work, and give all your heart to those you love. The rest will follow, and your life will be beautiful. Laugh. Dance. Find the things that make you glow inside. Love hard. Dream your wildest dreams, and know that they are all coming true right now, if you'll only let them…

Q: Now for my next question…

My Inner Muse interrupts, "Wait a minute. I want to interview you now."

"That's not how this works."

She rebels against me immediately. "My question for you is this: What is your most cherished dream? I also want to know, what would make your heart blaze with joy? When did you last feel completely free? Which part of you is a woman, and which part of you is still a pure and innocent little girl?" I can say nothing. I burn with jealousy, for her questions are much better than mine. "Don't answer in a hurry," she continues. "Take all the time you need. You don't have to answer them here for everyone to read… but you must answer them for yourself. To find the most precious treasures, you must dig more deeply than ever before. Bare your soul on the naked page. Bring these gems to light; use their opal and ruby-lit brilliance light your way as you travel this dark path." And with a curt nod, she disappears into thin air with a loud "POP!!!" She vanishes too soon, leaving me with her questions racing through my mind… and maybe a few answers, too.

Try This!!! A Perfect Project to Amuse Your Muse

Interview your Inner Muse. She may challenge you, surprise you, or make you laugh. Whatever happens, it's bound to be an interesting chat. Write it down in a journal, and feel free to pick up the conversation again anytime. You can also get to know your Inner Muse more deeply by painting her portrait, or depicting her in a collage, a drawing, or even a cartoon!!! Make an Inner Muse coloring book, journal, or doll. You can even sculpt a statue of your Muse from clay.

Please join me next month as I dive deep under the sea to have tea and fancies with Lilianna, the Mermaid Queen. Her castle beneath the waves is a place of wonder and magic. Long a symbol of emotion, intuition, and creativity, her watery realm is a second home to artists and writers alike. Seek with me the pearls and gems that lie beneath the sea. •

© 2007 Molly J. Anderson-Childers. All rights reserved.

Molly Anderson-Childers is a a highly creative writer and artist from Durango, Colorado. More »