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Photographer and Arts Organizer Carson Jones

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Carson Jones in ParisQ: What inspired the creation of your guerilla art events in Durango, like "Ferocious Feelings" and "Deliciously Weird"? Where can artists get details about upcoming events in our area?

A: Always check Arts Perspective Magazine. Heather continues to sponsor the shows and she usually publishes the info there. I always have "Deliciously Weird" in February and an alternate show in the fall.

Q: I participated in "Ferocious Feeling" in October — what a fabulous event! What were some of the highlights of the night for you? Will you be revisiting this theme in future shows?

A: Interestingly enough, the Feelings booth was a huge hit. For people to just go in, take a look at themselves, and then jot down their immediate was a great addition to the show. While I was hanging the show the night before, my friend and I kept looking at that empty closet space wondering what in the heck we could do with it. And then voila. It was created. I just love these shows. Our community is amazing and when people come out to support artists, buy a one of a kind piece and enjoy the night, you know you have support.

Q: How can artists organize events like this in their own communities? Any hot tips for someone who wants to create a Guerilla art event of their own?

A: It's seriously a grass roots effort. If you have an it. What's the worst that could happen, it could fail, but if you're passionate about it, your passion will show through and your excitement will produce that kind of energy and people will want to be a part of it!

Q: What inspires and informs your work as a photographer? Who were your early influences, and whose work inspires you today?

A: Sometimes people say I have a dark side. Who doesn't? When I photograph and imagine a piece through my lens, I really see it in black and white. I was trained in black and white and the depth, the light, the expression, or lack thereof is what really attracts me to capture an image. This past year I challenged myself with color, and I think as artists we need challenge ourselves often. In doing this, I have a whole new appreciation for color and capturing that with my camera. What inspires me...emotion. Emotion can be seen, someone can feel it, someone can ignore it...there are so many physical and mental pieces with emotion and that is why I love photography. The subject doesn't have to be a human, nor does the subject even have to look at you. Documenting a moment will bring some kind of emotion to you, as the photographer and then the viewer will then experience their own emotion. That is what inspires me.

Q: In your opinion, what is the true role of an arts center in a community, and how can such an organization best serve its artists?

A: I love the Arts Center. I wanted to help and make change. It needs change and I don't think anyone would argue that. For me, I think if any business or non-profit wants to succeed, focusing on what they are great at and pushing through with that skill will ensures greatness. And, with that, I think it is important that the DAC cannot be everything to everyone. I know the newly formed board is making strides and they need support.

Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

A: A lingering breakfast with the fireplace blazing. And capturing a person on film, without them knowing what a meaningful moment they just created.

Q: What's the best way to unwind after a long day in the studio?

A: I usually take my dog for a hike or I ride my bike. I get a lot of clarity riding my bike. Oh...and wine with girlfriends.

Q: Any advice or words of wisdom for fledgling Guerilla artists?

A: DO IT...What do you have to lose? Seriously. DO IT. You will inspire all of us.

Q: What is your single most reliable source of creative inspiration?

A: Life & Tragedy. Happiness & Struggle. Beauty & Darkness. .... & my heart. •

Connect with Carson Jones

Carson JonesIf you'll be in Durango this January 2010, please visit the Open Shutter Gallery for a look at Carson's contributions to the Travel exhibit, a community show being displayed there January 8-January 20, or visit for more information. To connect with Carson Jones online, you can view her blog at or check out her website at

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