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Writer and Creative Coach
Rita Farin

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Painting by Rita Farin

Q: Tell us about your corporate consultation services. How is this different than working with individuals in a one-on-one coaching session? Do you use different skills, tools, and techniques for each type of work, or are there some aspects of your teachings that cross over?

A: At the beginning of this year, I realized that the creativity coaching approach I use could be very useful for corporate environments. From my Silicon Valley days, I still remember how demoralizing it can be to survive multiple rounds of layoffs. Plus, creative teams always have a lot of pressure to remain creative. So I decided to offer workshops, group and one-on-coaching to help organizational teams increase creativity and productivity and help laid-off employees through their transitions. The basic approach and techniques I use are the same, but modified for corporate environments, where there is a structured framework to contend with.

Most recently, I was hired to develop a retreat for a non-profit my client had founded two years ago. Her board members weren't actively participating in the activities necessary to promote the organization's mission. As her creative coach, I'd helped her move through her own fears and blocks. Now, she wanted me to do the same with her board members. I spoke with each one individually to discover the root of their frustrations. Then, I custom designed a five-hour retreat which included brainstorming, improv exercises, a group coaching session, a capabilities presentation, and collage work. It was the perfect combination of my creative, coaching and business skill sets coming together to help an incredible organization. And my client was amazed by the results. The evening after the retreat, her board members began taking on active roles for the first time.

Q: Your workshops sound fabulous! I'd love to know more about your "Dreaming with Words" and "Unleashing the Words Within" workshops. Please give us the juicy details!

A: They're a lot of fun. "Dreaming with Words" is a powerful two and a half hour workshop that uses playful guided imagery and free-writing to help participants begin the process of shifting their thinking and behavior to enable change. It helps them envision a new future for themselves, and prepares them to recognize and receive their dreams when they arrive. (Cost: $50)

"Unleashing the Words Within" uses different modalities, including music and movement, to help participants relax and play. In disengaging the left side of our brains, the richest words easily flow onto the page from the deepest parts of our beings. Established and first-time writers are surprised by the quality of writing and general revelations that result from this process. It's great for anyone who's in transition, or curious about creativity. (Cost: $200. This workshop is broken into four sessions; each session lasts two hours.)

I just finished training as a facilitator for Jill Badonsky's Modern Day Muse Workshops®, and I'm currently developing two workshops based on these principles. They will enable participants to experience their lives through different lenses each week. Each lens is an essential element of the creative process and any type of sustainable life transition.

Q: I loved your blog about butterflies disseminating pollen as they fly. Just wondering — in your creative flights of fancy, what types of seeds are you planting? What do you hope will grow from these chance pollinations? What's blooming in your inspiration garden?

A: None of us really knows whose lives we're touching. I'm always surprised to hear what helps my clients during our coaching calls. One small question, comment or exercise may make all the difference one person needs to shift her perspective and start believing that anything is possible. My hope is that my work, writing and art will inspire people to take that one small step towards whatever it is that makes them happy, even if they're afraid.

Like all creative people I know, I have a million ideas in my head for projects I'd like to complete in my lifetime: starting a non-profit creativity incubator for artists and writers, developing a documentary on my parents' incredible stories. I have twenty characters romping around in my head, until I create places for them to live. For my coaching services and workshops, I have many plans ahead as well. I plan to take my workshops internationally and to package them on DVD and CD. There are a few other coaching bundles I'd like to offer in the future combining other modalities, like photography and collage work. I just completed Svaroopa® yoga training, so the first new bundle will offer coaching clients one-on-one yoga sessions to further support their journeys through change.

Q: Any last words of inspiration for our readers, to help them bloom and blossom creatively?

A: Start each day getting centered. Walk, meditate, do some yoga, journal. Don't feel bad about taking the time to do it. This is the most important time of day, because it will clear out any negativity and make you more productive for the rest of the day. And amazing ideas surface during this time too!

Surround yourself with your best cheerleaders and meet regularly with at least one person with whom you can discuss what you're working on. You'll be surprised how much energy you'll gain from this.

When you decide to change your life to design it the way you want it to be, your whole universe opens up and begins serving you incredible opportunities. You grow in ways you never thought possible. It's a lot to process. Take your time, and do it your own way. There is no right or wrong. Listen to your intuition. One day, you'll look back and realize how each step you took along the way led you to exactly where you needed to be. •

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Rita's blog is an inspiring treat — a real look at the creative challenges faced by a woman who is living her creative dreams and writing about them! Visit it at

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