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Multicultural Muses : Mermaids : Page 2

From Sirens to Selkies: Mermaids as Muses

continued from page 1

The Mermaid's Mirror: A Creative Visualization

Mermaids are often seen holding a mirror. Legend has it that anyone who gazes into the mermaid's mirror will see her Truest Self. Read this visualization, then close your eyes and picture the scene. Afterwards, create a poem, story, or painting to celebrate! You may also wish to journal, create a ritual related to this vision, or explore it more deeply in future creative visualization sessions.

Imagine yourself on a tiny boat at might, sailing a calm sea beneath a full moon. The motion of the waves rocks you gently, and makes a soft sound like whispering. Suddenly, the whispering becomes a song... A beautiful, mysterious siren's song, promising wishes and desires granted, secret treasures, grand adventures. You spy a small rocky island to the starboard side, and sail closer to investigate. As you approach, you see a lovely mermaid sitting upon the rocks, combing her pearl-studded hair and smiling into the silvery surface of a mirror.

"Would you see your Truest Self Divine, mortal?" she asks.

"I would, if you please," you reply. It is always wise to be polite to mermaids. They can be dangerous when crossed.

"Then swim to me!"

With no hesitation, you leap from the deck and swim with all your might towards her rocky island in the waves. When you reach the shore, she reaches down one lovely hand to help you up. "Because you came to me without fear, I recognize you as one of my own. I will let you see your reflection." She turns the mirror towards your face. What do you see? Look as closely as you dare! When you are finished, the mermaid begins to sing again. Mysteriously, your tiny sailboat begins to approach the island- against the wind. She is calling it, as a man might call a faithful hound… and it obeys her, inching its way to the shore and remaining steady as you step inside. As you leave, the mermaid utters a strange word. "I will protect this vessel always, and the one in it, while I might…none will ever be lost from it's deck, and she will never sink." Then she whistles up a wind to send you sailing safely home.

End your visualization session here, knowing you may return to these enchanted waters any time you have need.

The Mermaid Queen's Lament

Oh my love

I see her still blue face



forever gazing into the moon's mirror, admiring her dark curls all crowned with cypress leaves and pearls,

her inviting smile that tempts and knows too much.

Lady, you are a mystery, wild and shrouded by deep water/ always water/ever-flowing, all a-shining.

Proud and strong.

Take me to the Palace of Lost Dreams and Broken Hearts

Swim with me through these rooms of ruin…

The Red Tower draws ever closer now,

I cannot see to fight.

And so, my merry mermaid friends, it's time to say goodnight. Only love can save me now, only love, and light!

— Molly J. A. Childers

(Author's Note: This poem was inspired by a recent encounter with a mysterious mermaid and her mirror. I saw within this magical looking-glass a beautiful mermaid with milk-blue skin like a shining full moon, and indigo curls caught with stars. My Truest Self Divine revealed — amazing!)

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