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© Lilly Fluger
Be Creative! : Deal of a Lifetime

Deal of a Lifetime

By Lilly Fluger

In our world of shopping and commerce, coupons and rebates, one-click buying, price comparisons, free trial offers, 2 for 1 sales, and "drastically reduced sale prices", it seems that everyone wants to find a good deal. And that makes simple good sense. But perhaps we've all forgotten that we've already gotten our best possible deal: We each 'got to' be born for free. I didn't pay to be born, did you? This idea hit me over the head the other day with a bonk of gratitude and a delightful fresh new perspective. I realized that I have a whole free life! But that's not all.

This free life came to me complete with my very own unique free body! I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO A THING TO GET IT!!! And while it does require some food and water, all of the rest is taken care of for free! This body performs a trillion inner doings that are miraculous and I don't have to do or pay anything for them to happen. I get to breathe for free and think for free and move for free. And while I am supposed to dress it with clothes after 3 or 4 years old (unless I'm living in a nice jungle) — I don't have to do anything or know anything about chemicals, muscles, neurons, lungs, oxygen, or saliva to have it work properly. In fact, I've found that the more I leave it alone, the better it works on its own.

I have a genius, marvelous body for free! What a deal! That body lets me experience the joys of beautiful sights, the pleasures from delicious tastes and aromas, the delights of soft silky touches, the ecstasy of enchanting music and exhilaration of crashing ocean waves. This incredible sensory apparatus comes free of charge in this deal-of-a-lifetime package! It is covered in a marvelous material called skin that keeps it all nicely together! And, it takes care of itself! If the surface is breached, it grows/makes its own healings to close it back up! It all happens free-of-cost!

It breathes for free and my heart pumps for free and when I want to move my hand to pick up my coffee mug, it knows (somehow) how to take my desire and send it to my brain and muscles and fingers and then my hand does it — and I never have to think about how! This is the best service in town and my body doesn't even want to be tipped. It just keeps giving endlessly free of charge! Gratis. On the house. It's all comped. It's a complimentary free body. How lucky is that?

Now the other part of this phenomenal package-deal are a few extras that come with: A planet of everything-you-could-ever-want plus ongoing new stuff forever being made. If you didn't like the deal so far, I know this will have you sold. For you receive the wonderful add-on free gift called nature that is sure to blow your socks off! It's just an endless resource of wonder and magnificence that comes with trees and plants, animals and bugs, fishes and oceans, and weather. And, let's not forget free stars that twinkle. That alone would make it the best possible deal. If you add the sun and moon, well, how good does this deal get?!! And it's all free.

One of my favorite parts of this great deal is thoughts and feelings. While my body can run, my thoughts can fly at light speed. And with the other free gift of imagination, well, that takes this bargain to infinity and beyond. I get to pretend for free. I have unlimited free thoughts! How rich is that? I really and most truly understand how grateful the scarecrow felt when he got his brain, because I just don't know what I'd do without mine. And I haven't included the free dreams component of the deal. Yes surely, this bargain beats all competition!

Life wins, hands down, as the best deal in the universe!

Now, according to educated hearsay from experts, there is one more part of the deal that actually tops all the previous offers! That is the 100% guarantee trade-in policy. At any time, no questions asked, unconditionally guaranteed, you can trade in your body for a new model! You can start over fresh. Of course you'll have amnesia, so the slate is clear, and you are able to begin with that fresh new focus and perspective that being born gives. You can return as a new bright bundle of baby free of charge all over again! How lucky can we all be? This deal is better than winning the lottery! And its something we all already have. It's the deal of a Lifetime! •

Copyright 2006 L. Fluger,

Lilly Fluger currently resides in San Diego, CA where she enjoys drawing cartoons, painting watercolors and going to the zoo. Visit her creations at