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Creativity Coaching Sources

In addition to the multitude of Web sites and blogs associated with Creativity Portal's creativity coach series contributors, these Websources feature regular inspiration and motivation by more creativity coaches.

Ongoing Support, Advice, and Motivation for Your Creative Life Creative Possibilities!
Coaching Your Creativity is all about the endless creative possibilities we can manifest in our lives through the power of intention, pursuing our passions, and taking personal action in support of our creative lives every day. This site authored by Chris Dunmire features the series 26 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creative Life, creativity-inspiring humor articles, and self-journey guides through books by Eric Maisel, Gail McMeekin, and SARK. Creativity, Exploration, Expression, Humor, Possibilities, Manifesting, Intention

Lisa Riley's The Art of Mind Blog
Deepen your understanding of the creative process. We explore the process of creating, the artistic personality and how creativity transforms and enriches our lives.

Diana Rivera's Creative Empowerment Coaching Blog
This site is dedicated to everyone and anyone with a creative idea, an image, a thought that they would like to develop in the form of a new creative business, a painting, a book, a song, a meal, etc. With a little coaching, the vision is to help serve you and your goals and bring them into the world. Creative empowerment, success, belief in creativity, imagination, action, power, transformation, muse, limitless.

Roslyn Rus's Journal of Self Discovery
All of Life is a Journey of Self Discovery and Creativity! Please visit my website for FREE sample activity pages that will inspire you creatively to embrace the interconnected Web of Life that we are all a part of.

Cara Faye's Tapping into Creativity
Features a monthly article addressing a different aspect of creativity, including a discussion and creative exercises; and information on the Jumpstart Your Creativity workshop for adults. Creativity, Ideas, Inspiration, Imagination, Creative Process, Creative Exercises