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Original Impulse: Life as a Creative Adventure -
Authors : Cynthia Morris

Spotlight On: Cynthia Morris

Life as a Creative Adventure

Cynthia Morris
Cynthia Morris Answers
20 Questions

...about her creative passions and work as a coach and writer in this insightful interview.

Cynthia Morris started writing regularly in 1994 and just can't stop. She has written performance pieces, plays, essays, poetry, newspaper columns, marketing copy, blog entries, hundreds of e-zine articles, and, dearest to her heart, a historical novel set in Paris. When not writing, Cynthia coaches individuals and groups to their own creative exuberance. Information about Cynthia's creativity tours in France, her e-books, e-zines and book, Create Your Writer's Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease, can all be found at her web home,

Interview & Books by Cynthia Morris

Interview with Original Impulse's Cynthia Morris
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Read Cynthia's creativity-inspiring responses about her work as an artist, creativity coach, tour guide, and writer in this exclusive Creative Careers in the Arts feature.

Book Excerpt from Cynthia Morris's Create Your Writer's LifeBook Review: Create Your Writer's Life by Cynthia Morris
By Chris Dunmire
A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease.

Book Excerpt: Your Precious Values — The Foundation of Your Writing
By Cynthia Morris
From the book "Create Your Writer's Life: A Guide to Writing with Joy and Ease."

Creativity & Writing Articles by Cynthia Morris

Your Most Powerful Writing Tool
By Cynthia Morris
Whether you are journaling, writing a book or writing poetry, the timer is the key to holding your focus and staying with whatever comes up to the page.

Summer's Creative Exuberance
By Cynthia Morris
If summer isn't the best season to foster creativity, I don't know what is.

Your Best Fake Excuse for Not Writing
By Cynthia Morris
Why didn't you get your writing done today?

Redesign Your Priorities and Make Room for Your Creativity
By Cynthia Morris
What sacrifices can you make in exchange for a more fulfilling creative life?

Enhance Your Travel with Your Own Art
By Cynthia Morris
Simple art and writing exercises provide a way for a traveler to absorb the splendors of travel in a deep, meaningful, and lasting way.

Shifting Gears: Transitions for Writers or Artists
By Cynthia Morris
Making the transition from life to creating requires a conscious effort.