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Writing: Love of the Craft
David Duggins : Love of the Craft Archives

Writing and Publishing — Love of the Craft Column Archives

"I give up writing. I quit."
By David Duggins
First: give up now and you'll give up for the rest of your life. You're teaching yourself to fail.

On Starting...Shall We Begin?
By David Duggins
it seems appropriate that I write about beginnings — the blank page, and the first words that grace it; the blank canvas, and the first tentative sketches; the block of stone before the first stroke of the chisel.

Selling Short Fiction — Is it Easy?
By David Duggins
If my writing experience could be summed up in one phrase, it's this: publishing is not the be-all, end-all of your entire existence.

Looking at Your Preferences and Passions
By David Duggins
A quick two-step exercise you can use to take a conscious look at your preferences and passions.

What is the best starting point in the first stages of writing?
By David Duggins
I LOVE to write, but find that I start things and never finish.

How to Make Projects Work: Methods, Medium, Mindset
By David Duggins
Uncompleted projects are not failure. They are an opportunity for reflection, increased understanding and positive change.

You don't have to wear a blindfold, but you might find it helpful to close your eyes.
By David Duggins
I was raised with the idea that you have to work hard to get what you want. You have to struggle.

Is Ghostwriting a Good Way to Make a Living?
By David Duggins
Learn about this severely misunderstood profession which conjures up images of minimally talented hacks slaving away under sweatshop conditions, turning out book after spiritless book.

How to Find Work as a Ghostwriter
By David Duggins
Listen in on the advice of three ghostwriting experts.

Why Learn "the Rules" of the Writing Craft?
By David Duggins
If you learn the rules of the writing craft, then you'll know how to effectively break them.

Dave's Top 10 Writing Books
By David Duggins
Recommended writing resources to help you learn the rules, explore genre writing, express creativity, and publish your work.

Publishers Who Will Republish Books
By David Duggins
And useful information about print on demand (POD) publishing.

Revealing Intimate Details about Your Life
By David Duggins
No other profession leaves you as vulnerable as writing.

Dealing with Critical Blockheads
By David Duggins
How do you ignore critical people and not let them discourage you into not doing anything creative?

Taking Command of the Greatest Power in Your Life
By David Duggins
What to do with the fears surrounding your writing life.

Start Write Now!
By David Duggins
It's never too early to start your writing career even if you don't know anything about book writing or publishing.

You and the Page
By David Duggins
There is no fame when you're in your writing space bashing out a thousand words a day. Still, do what you love and the money will come.