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But are unfamous quotes just as good?

End QuotesOf course they are. Famous quotes and cliches about creativity and innovation are a dime a dozen and scattered everywhere on the Internet — some accurately, others not so much.

Instead of quoting great minds — you won't find any quotations by Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, or Rollo May on this page — these quotes (a new one appears at random above each time you visit) were carefully culled from the writings of many unknown creatives — modern day artists, writers, performers, educators, and innovators persistent in cultivating their creative lives despite the odds and in the face of many challenges. What else do they have in common? They are all contributing authors to Creativity Portal.

Enjoy these unique quotes not found in any book (at least they weren't at the time of quoting here), which do include a few of today's leading creativity experts, writing coaches, and innovation authors like Eric Maisel, Jill Badonsky, SARK, Ashfaq Ishaq, Edward Glassman, Hal Zina Bennett, and Judy Reeves, to name a few.

Welcome to the 21st century with new creative perspectives, changing global dynamics, and collaborative technologies for innovation! These quotes will energize you, inspire you, and motivate you in your own creative life.

Read the source article for each quotation in context by clicking on the author's name, linked at the end of each quote. Enjoy the quotes and their articles one at a time — daily, weekly, or monthly. Ponder them. Reflect on their message. Invite new deep perspectives into your life. Then come back again anytime you need to refill your well. New quotes are added regularly.

Meet the 9 Modern-Day Muses
Aha-PhroditeI looked up from my latte's snowy foam to see nine Muses sideling up to my table with expressions of suppressed laughter, and the kind of raised eyebrows that foretell impending surprise. These Muses, however, were not of ancient Greece. They were a new and improved, updated variety; colorful, hip, full of chutzpa AND they had a bodyguard with them. More

Aha-phrodite: Paying attention and possibilities.
Albert: Imagination and innovation.
Bea Silly: Play, laughter, and dance.
Muse Song: Nurturing, encouragement, and good company.
Spills: Process, practice, and imperfection.
Audacity: Courage and uninhibited uniqueness.
Lull: Pause, diversion, and gratitude.
Shadow: Gifts of the dark side.
Marge: Okay-now-let's-get-started.
Arnold (the Bodyguard): The Bodyguard.

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