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Tree-mendous Memory! Fall Version
Tree-mendous Memory! Game : Autumn / Fall Version

Free Tree-mendous Memory! Card Game (Autumn / Fall)

Fun for kids, adults, and seniors!

By Chris Dunmire

If you like the "Spring Green" version of my Tree-mendous Memory! Game, then you'll really like this Autumn alternative, which is played the same way, but with a whole different seasonal scheme and a somewhat punny story of its own.

See, my original seed concept for Tree-mendous Memory! grew around the natural idea of a fall tree losing its leaves as players found matching pairs of picture leaf-cards. Makes sense, right? After all, nobody wants to strip a Spring tree of its growing leaves!

The double-irony of the Fall season coincides with the "Autumn" years of one's life, when shaper brain functions like memory start to dull as one ages — which is why we're encouraged to engage in challenging activities like puzzles and games to stimulate our minds and creative thinking.

Of course, the Spring version of this brain-boosting game was released first because it's the natural order of things: Spring comes before Fall, and for best yields, you have to allow creative ideas to bud before they'll bloom!

Learn more about the Spring version of the Tree-mendous Memory! Game, download game files, and get printing tips and assembly instructions here. The free Fall version of the game is available further down on this page in two formats for your printing preference.

Autumn Tree-mendous Memory! Game Download Files

8.5x11 Game Set

Download 8.5x11" Tree-mendous Memory Game Set
(PDF, 1570KB, 3 pages, finished spliced size is 11x17")
Designed for popular letter-sized inkjet or laser printers. Print the leaf card page twice. After printing, trim and splice the two game board halves (top & bottom) with adhesive or tape. In this set the board/cards is slightly smaller (95%) than the tabloid-size game below (finished board size is still 11x17").

11x17 Game Set

Download 11x17" Tree-mendous Memory Game Set
(PDF, 1550KB, 2-pages, finished size is 11x17")
Designed for tabloid-sized inkjet or laser printers. Print just two pages.

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