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DAZ Studio Render
Blaine Furner : How Can I Illustrate My Book Myself?

DAZ Studio Render

How Can I Illustrate My Book Myself?

Save time and money by illustrating yourself with DAZ 3D — learn how...

By Blaine Furner

Are you an author/writer who wants to save time and money illustrating your book? If you've ever hired a model, purchased clothing for the right look, then scoped out the proper location for the shoot (or alternatively have paid handsomely for a fine artist to paint or draw your images), well your headaches could be over. Why not DIY (do it yourself)?

DAZ Studio RenderDAZ 3D may just provide the answer. The company develops simple tools and content for creating stunning digital imagery and has thousands of customers who are writers, photographers and even hobbyist that happily create their own artwork and illustrations. DAZ 3D's solution a simple, do-it-yourself artwork tool called DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio is a free, feature rich 3D figure design and 3D animation tool that enables anyone to create stunning digital imagery. It is the perfect tool to design unique digital art using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select the theme and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork.

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize DAZ 3D content is you own the imagery royalty free. The DAZ 3D license agreement allows authors to purchase the virtual people, clothing, props etc. and use them any way desired as art, as long as the models' specific 3D data is not distributed. So any imagery created is yours to use in your published work royalty free.

Many fantasy writers use the tools and content to create spectacular images telling their stories. In addition, technical illustrators use DAZ 3D's human figures for anatomically correct images in multiple trade publications. For realistic, life-like images to the bizarre, DAZ Studio has become the tool of choice.

Want to give it a try? Here is how . . . .

DAZ Studio Render

Step 1: Download DAZ Studio for free. This free version has a 30 day trial of the DAZ Studio Advanced features. But don't worry; the tools in DAZ Studio are a powerful tool-set to help you tell your story with 3D imagery. Simply download and install.

Step 2: Watch the tutorial video. The video will teach you how to load, clothe, accessorize, and pose the figure, and how to set up the lighting to create a beautiful image. There are many tutorials on how to use DAZ Studio available on-line. In addition, the company has an active group of creative enthusiasts and a user forum, both of which are great resources to ask questions and get the detailed help you may need.

DAZ Studio Render

Step 3: Search the DAZ 3D Store for the needed figures, animals, props, vehicles and sets. The possibilities are endless and much cheaper than on-location shoots or commissioned artistry. DAZ's store offers over 10,000 items at very reasonable prices. The company is continually offering promotions and sales to help with tight budgets. Many creative enthusiasts, who see an ongoing need for content join DAZ 3D's Platinum Club, which offers most content at a greatly reduced "members price".

DAZ Studio Render

Step 4: Load the desired 3D models into your scene. You can manipulate or pose the figures easily by moving the model on the screen. Fine adjustments can be achieved with dials. There is a vast list of preset poses that can also help you get started.

You can load into the scene figures, background environments, images, and props. It's even easy to change the default figures into a new looking character, by dialing physical characteristics like making the male look larger, heavy, fit or even a body builder. Similarly you can change the expressions of the faces, change the skin tones, add make-up etc. Hair styles are also a great way to make the figure look totally different. It's a great deal of fun creating the ideal image from your imagination.

DAZ Studio RenderStep 5: Setup lighting and cameras. Either use preset lighting configurations, or create custom lighting. Place the lights where ever desired, change the color, light type (spot, distant and point) for the exact effect sought. Once the lighting is set up properly, you can now adjust camera settings, the angle, the depth of field and the perspective. Virtually any look is possible.

Step 6: Render the image. Make the image come to life with a fully rendered image. There are many settings to get the desired effect. You can even scale the image's size and customize the types of shadows to create the right mood and ambience.

You can also determine if you want realistic rendered images that look like a photograph or if you want a more cartoon looking image. All of these are possible using the Free DAZ Studio software.

Free models and accessories: DAZ 3D offers many free models and accessories. So before making any investment in models, you can use the free models and tools to learn and play. It won't take long before you are discovering the artist within. •

© 2011 Blaine Furner. All rights reserved.