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How to Paint Novelty Open Book Quote Rocks

Written in Stone Project

By Ernestina Gallina

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Step 6

Use the same yellowish tone to fill in the sides.

Step 6: Fill in the sides.

Now, with a liner and thinned-down brown paint, paint many tiny parallel lines. Those are the pages of your book.

Paint parallel lines.

Step 7

Turn the rock and paint the back with blue paint or any other color you prefer.

Step 7: Paint rock back blue.

Fill in the triangular shapes on top and bottom of your rock with black paint.

Fill in triangular shapes with black paint.

Step 8

Detail the rock's back by painting the book's spine in the middle adding sideways shadows in dark blue.

Step 8: Paint book's spine.

Write your book title and add decorations of your choice.

Write book title.

Step 9

Add a drop of white to the blue paint and highlight all the book cover's edges.

Step 9: Highlight book cover's edges.

Now you are ready to write your text! You can write it using the tip of your thin brush or, the easy way, using a permanent black marker.

Draw blue lines to add a bookmark.

Write page text.

Paint the bookmark adding some white highlights and a diluted brown shadow under it to make it look more real.

Paint the bookmark.

These are the same rocks that I showed unpainted at the start:

A music book.
A music book

A poetry book.
A poetry book

Finished examples.

© Ernestina Gallina, 2008. All rights reserved.

Ernestina GallinaErnestina Gallina is a self-taught artist living in Italy. She started rock painting as a hobby in 1998. S Ernestina's artwork has been exhibited within Italy and is currently in various private collections. More »

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