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Larger Creative Life Patterns : Page 2 of 2

Larger Creative Life Patterns

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Releasing Stored Energies

It is true that we become more quiet inside once as we work through our inner core pain. We all have Thistle stored pain from our life's experiences that we need to process. If you have been born in a human body — you have stored pain. Moving through stored pain to faith in vulnerability and openness to life is a difficult journey. As a human being — you can be sure that if you have an elaborate mental story about what is "wrong" in your life — or about what is "wrong" with someone else in your life — you have stored pain to process.

If we are not defending against difficult feelings within — there is no need to create psychological stories of defense around your closed energy. When we process — feel — our stored pain that part of our defense system dissolves and we become quiet and more content. The aim is to open more and more as we age instead of becoming more crystallized into our personality structures.

Consider how Michael A. Singer so eloquently describes what happens when life's experiences do not make it "through us" and we "store" our "issues" away.

"What happens to that experience that didn't make it through? What you don't realize is that that your entire experience of life is about to change because of what didn't make it through you. Life must now compete with this blocked event for your attention, and the impression does not just sit there quietly. You will see that your tendency is to think about it constantly.

"This is all an attempt to process it through your mind. All of that inner noise is an attempt to process the blocked energy and get it out of the way. Long-term, the energy patterns that cannot make it through you are pushed out to the forefront of the mind and held until you are prepared to release them.

"These energy patterns hold a tremendous detail about the events associated with them. As you willfully struggle to keep these events from passing through your consciousness, the energy first tries to release by manifesting through the mind. This is why the mind becomes so active."

"When the energy cannot make it through the mind because of conflicts with other thoughts and mental concepts, it then tries to release through the heart. When you resist even that release, the energy gets packed up and forced into deep storage within the heart. In the yogic tradition, that unfinished energy pattern is called a Samskara. It's an unfinished energy pattern that ends up running your life."

There does come a timing — that if we so choose — we can start to listen to the larger life pattern of which we are invited to partake in. This may be commonly referred to as larger life purpose and it may bear little resemblance to your personality level, compensatory dreams for your life. I like to think of life purpose as the soul's unique unfolding. The soul's dictates might involve actions and ideas outside of our familiar comfort zone. What I have found about my larger life visions is that they feel challenging in some way. It is as though I have to develop my highest character to live into them. Growth is never easy but it is exhilarating.

Quieting our psychology and peeling back the layers of our defenses towards life is essential and courageous work. When we have the inner strength to "take no thought" — when we refrain from conscious thinking — we can let divine ideas fill our consciousness. It is in these ways that we can offer ourselves to life in a way that fits the larger patterning and reflects our own unique soul gifts and purposes. •

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