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Create A Fall Inspired Mixed Media Painting : Page 4 of 4

Create a Fall Inspired Mixed Media Painting in 7 Steps

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Picture 14

Step 5

This is an optional step should you choose to follow it. Unfortunately I was so caught up in the process while working on my painting that I forgot to take a picture of this step. The above photo was taken when my painting was already finished. I used a tiny bit of Golden Acrylics Titan Buff and gently smeared it with an edge of my palette knife against the rough and uneven surface areas. The final visual effect is somewhat reminiscent of scratch marks. Another interesting paint color for this step could be an Iridescent Gold to accentuate the richness of the overall fall hues.

Picture 15

Step 6

At this point in the process I suggest you 'seal' the surface with a layer of Golden Acrylics Heavy Gel (Gloss) which will create a protective coat for your painting while adding a good clarity at the same time. This acrylic gel requires an overnight drying time before it sets completely.

Picture 16

Step 7

The fun of rubber stamping is upon us! I have a weakness for vintage and hand written text patterns ~ I truly believe that life would be quiet boring without them. In this step you will be stamping your leaves by first applying a thin layer of acrylic paint to the rubber stamp. My suggestions for the color choices are as follow: Golden Liquid Acrylics Carbon Black, Payness Gray, Turquoise (Phthalo), and a Bright Iridescent Gold (Fine). Proceed by using a flat synthetic brush #6 to thinly distribute paint across your stamps' surface while trying to refrain from excessive color mixing. Next, impress your stamp against the leaves' shapes by using only a part of the stamps' surface in each consecutive image transfer. Another point to keep in mind is stamping at a variety of angles, even upside down ~ that way the overall effect will reminisce of a haphazardly hand written notes.

Picture 17

That's it! You made it to the end ~ Congratulations on your new artwork! As the final and optional step you may choose to apply a coat of Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Satin), or sheen of your choice. Most importantly sign your artwork and enjoy the wonderful fruit of your creative self-expression! •

© 2009 Tatiana Kuzyk. All rights reserved.

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