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Creativity Tips
Violette : Art Party Fun!

Violette's Creativity Tips

Art Party Fun!

Add a bit of zest and creative spirit to your gatherings by hosting an art party! I often have friends come over, young and old to play in my studio and create magical pieces of art. Laughter and happy revelations ensue as you busy yourself letting creative energy flow from your fingertips.

9 Ingredients for a juicy art party:

  1. Invitations to your tribe of people.
  2. A place to create where messiness is welcomed.
  3. Art supplies — you need to decide if you as the host/hostess will be supplying materials or if you want your guests to bring their own.
  4. A theme for the evening.
  5. Refreshments: wine, coffee, tea and munchies.
  6. Music for ambience.
  7. A start time and finish time.
  8. Books or magazines available to spur the muse on.
  9. Samples of finished projects.

Possible themes:

  • Creative altars (made from Altoid tins)
  • Inner and outer YOU Masks
  • Visual Journaling
  • Altered Books
  • Painted Journey Suitcase
  • Papier mache animals or puppets!

Let your imagination soar as you come up with innovative ideas to add a new dimension to your next get-together! •

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VioletteViolette is a whimsical creative spirit living in BC, Canada. She can be found driving her Glittergirl van around White Rock and living in the Magic Cottage. More »

Updated 12/23/13