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Creativity Tips
Violette : Nothing Compares to YOU!

Violette's Creativity Tips

Nothing Compares to YOU!

As creatives we have a tendency of comparing ourselves with other creatives. That person has more talent, this one is more innovative, that one can manipulate color far better than I! Does any of this sound familiar?

What I've found is that you simply cannot compare apples to oranges. We all come into this world with our own unique set of abilities, quirks and proclivities. How do we stop from making the comparisons and actually enjoy who we are? We can create a list of qualities that make us unique and stand out from the crowd. If this is too daunting a task then ask a close friend to do it. You might be surprised at what you find.

Some of the qualities might be:

  • Has a unique way of fleshing out characters for a story
  • Works magic with modeling paste
  • Can create miraculous concoctions with simple materials, twigs, rocks, feathers
  • Can specifically see and illustrate the good in all people
  • Has a deliciously eccentric manner of presentation

After you have your list, read it and absorb that which makes you unique. Realize that it is simply your job to give the world what is uniquely you. Stop making comparisons and celebrate YOU! •

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VioletteViolette is a whimsical creative spirit living in BC, Canada. She can be found driving her Glittergirl van around White Rock and living in the Magic Cottage. More »

Updated 12/23/13