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April Fool's Puzzles
Holidays : April Fool's Day Printable Pranks

April Fool's Day Fun & Creativity

Printable Jokes & Practical Pranking

Are you an April 1 opportunist? Do you spend lots of time seeking April Fool's Day fun and gags online? Then you've come to the right place! In partnership with humorist Chris Dunmire, Creativity Portal offers several fun pranks you can download, print, and use specifically for April Fools Day (such as the bogus beverage CreativiTEA and the impossible World's Hardest Puzzles).

Funny April Fool's Day Resources

The Best Printable April Fool's Day Puzzles
Chris Dunmire's assortment of real-fake printable word find puzzles for parents, teachers, and practical pranksters!

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time
From the Museum of Hoaxes: Read about the Taco Liberty Bell, Left-Handed Whopper, UFO in London, Wisconsin State Capitol Collapses, Whistling Carrots, Tasmanian Mock Walrus, Hong Kong Powdered Water, Smellovision, Baltimore Gold Rush, Killer Bees Attack Arizona, and 90 more gags played on the public.

Urban Legends About April Fool's Day
An explanation on the claim that April Fool's Day originated in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian, and those who forgot about the change were labeled "April Fools" for celebrating New Year's on the wrong date.

April Fool's Day in the Yahoo! Directory
Lots of April Fool's Day fun from all over the net here. Features resources for History, Practical Jokes and Pranks, Virtual Cards, and more.

13 Great April Fools' Pranks
Fun light-hearted prank ideas for the family. Features fake doughnuts, bedtime switcharoo, model meal, the big spill, and 8 more!

April Fools' Day Dinner
"Turn the tables this year with a surprise dessert that will both fool and delight them. Served on a dinner plate, it looks just like mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and vegetables. But look again...."