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Book Cover Collage Art
Book Cover Collage: Heading towards altered books and altered art territory.
Beginner's Collage Techniques : How to Collage a Book Cover

How to Collage a Book Cover

A Step Towards Altered Book Art

By Chris Dunmire

In Parts 1, 2, and 3, I showed you how to make a basic magazine collage into an assemblage and then into a mixed media collage. Now that you understand a few basic collage techniques, you can experiment with other types of supports, materials, and mediums to create your own creative collage art. The possibilities for creating a variety of unique and unusual art pieces are endless!

In this article, I'll show you how to apply your new collage skills to a blank book cover, to create interesting art that some might consider a step towards or introduction into altered book art. Learn more about specific altered art techniques in Creativity Portal's Altered Art section.

Part 4: Book Cover Collaging

Additional Materials Needed:

  • Blank book or old book you want to alter (old Reader's Digest volumes are popular for altered book art)

These are two examples of magazine collage assembled onto the cover of a blank book support instead of on thick paper.

Book cover mixed media collage.

Technique: My book cover was first painted over with gouache paint and let to dry. Next, magazine collage was assembled over the cover and glued down and sealed with clear glue (Mod Podge). The sealing helps protect the cut papers from handling and wear.

With the growing interest in altered books, book cover collage is a good place to begin experimenting with unusual arrangements of type, color, and imagery. For more tips and techniques on altered books art, see this excellent Altered Board Book tutorial by Karen Hatzigeorgiou and these Altered Art projects by Tatiana Kuzyk.

Book cover mixed media collage.

Your collage journey is just beginning! Move on to Part 5 to learn how I created some interesting textural background effects for some other collages of mine.

Continue to Part 5, Experimental Textures »

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