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Magazine Assemblage/Collage Art
Assemblage: An artistic composition made from scraps, junk, and odds and ends. — The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Beginner's Collage Techniques : How to Create Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art: Pieces of Your 3D Imagination

A Duchampion of a Samplion

By Chris Dunmire

In Part 1, I showed you how to create a basic magazine collage using elements torn and cut from magazines. Now we're going to build upon that concept. Once your basic magazine collage is finished, you can add found three-dimensional items to it to create an assemblage.

What kinds of items can you use? Anything your heart desires! Movie ticket stubs, feathers, coins, fast-food wrappers, buttons, beads, fabric, and so much more. Watch how I added the netting from a bag of oranges and some crafting beads to my collage to turn it into an assemblage.

Part 2: Assemblage Techniques

Additional Materials Needed:

  • Fruit / produce bag netting
  • Craft beads

Step 5

Step 5Found objects that add interesting texture, color, and design to your collage piece work well for assemblage. In this case, the colorful netting from a bag of oranges complemented the colors of my collage and added an odd netting texture.

Step 5Attaching 3D objects like netting straight to your canvas might pose a challenge, but with some creative ingenuity you can figure out a solution that integrates with your design.

For instance, I cut the netting into a shape I liked and then attached it to my collage by using small scraps of colored paper glued over the edges like tape. This held the netting in place on strategic edges, while allowing the bulk of it to flow freely over the underlying collage.

Step 6

Step 6After attaching the netting, I decided to add some craft beads for interest. I was generous with the glue here and decided to gloss over the entire collage surface to coat and seal the paper.

This is reminiscent of a decoupage technique that can help protect and preserve your work. Because I had so much surface glue on my collage after applying the netting and beads, I made the decision to seal for consistency.

Step 7

Step 7After applying my found objects and covering my assemblage with glue, I put it aside to dry. At this point (after it dries) the assemblage is complete.

Move on to Part 3 where I'll apply background paint to my assemblage to create a mixed media collage / assemblage.

Continue to Part 3, Mixed Media Collage Assemblage »

Chris Dunmire is a deeply engaged creative spirit, writer and humorist. She's trained as a Kaizen-Muse™ and Maisel creativity coach and is the founder of the award-winning Creativity Portal® Web site. More

Updated 12/25/13