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How to Draw a Clam by Joy Sikorski
How to Draw a Clam Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Dogs

Draw a Dog

How to Draw Dogs Galore

Drawing Lessons #24 & #25 from How to Draw a Clam: A Wonderful Vacation Planner by Joy Sikorski

Everyone loves dogs! At least you can show your appreciation for them by 'drawing them' in with Joy's fun lesson below. Two for one: you have the choice of sketching up either a Scotty or Dachshund hotdog dog. Bark on!

Dog Drawing Lesson from How to Draw a Clam ©2003 by Joy Sikorski

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© 2003 Joy Sikorski. All rights reserved.

Joy SikorskiJoy Sikorski (1952-2009) was the best-selling author of How to Draw a Radish and other inspiring 'how to draw' books featured in bookshops of art museums nationwide. More »