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Squeaky Chalk by Joy Sikorski
Squeaky Chalk Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Kite

Draw a Flying Kite!

How to Draw a Diamond Flying Kite with Flowing Tail

Drawing Lessons #10 & #11 from Squeaky Chalk and other FUN things to DRAW (and do) when there is nothing to do! by Joy Sikorski

This whimsical drawing lesson by Joy Sikorski is a great primer in kite making. Learn about the basic construction of a diamond shape kite by drawing one yourself. Fly away!

Kite Lesson from Squeaky Chalk © 2001 by Joy Sikorski

Kite Tail Lesson from Squeaky Chalk © 2001 by Joy Sikorski

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© 2001 Joy Sikorski. All rights reserved.

Creativity Portal's Squeaky Chalk Kite

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Joy SikorskiJoy Sikorski (1952-2009) was the best-selling author of How to Draw a Radish and other inspiring 'how to draw' books featured in bookshops of art museums nationwide. More »