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How to Draw a Clam by Joy Sikorski
How to Draw a Clam Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Pig

Draw a Cute Oinky Pig!

How to Draw a Cute Pig Piglet

Drawing Lesson #16 from How to Draw a Clam: A Wonderful Vacation Planner by Joy Sikorski

Arnold Ziffel may have been one smart pig on Green Acres, but you can smartly draw 'some pig' yourself by hamming it up with Joy's piglet drawing lesson. Oink on!

Piglet Drawing Lesson from How to Draw a Clam © 2002 by Joy Sikorski

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© 2002 Joy Sikorski. All rights reserved.

Joy SikorskiJoy Sikorski (1952-2009) was the best-selling author of How to Draw a Radish and other inspiring 'how to draw' books featured in bookshops of art museums nationwide. More »

Updated 12/17/13